Sys AttPaneInitAtt

new to Analytica 5.1

The system variable Sys_AttPaneInitAtt controls which attribute is selected initially in the Attribute panel when you initially open a Diagram window or Outline window. This preference is not saved with your model, but is instead preserved in the system registry as your personal preference, and hence, it preserves the setting when you close and later re-open Analytica.

By default, if this is not set, the Attribute panel opens to the Description attribute. If you prefer it to open to the Definition, then set this system variable to Definition. To do this, press F12 open the Typescript Window and type:

> Sys_AttPaneInitAtt:Definition

The > above is the prompt, which is not part of what you type. Do not include quotes around the attribute name.

If you set the default to Definition or OnClick, it will open to Definition for variables and OnClick for buttons.

Once you select a different attribute in the UI, it remembers what you have selected, and this is no longer used for that window. When you close and then re-open the window, then this is again used.


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