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Sets the value of an input table cell at the coordinate «indexLabels» to the value «x». «IndexLabels» specifies the label for each index of the table in order.

The «indexLabels» parameter specifies the coordinates of a cell in the table, using the index labels (CATable::SetDataByElements does the same using index position). When the table is one dimensional, «indexLabels» can be a single value -- a text value when the index is a list-of-labels, or a number when the index is a numeric list. Otherwise, «indexLabels» must be an array with N elements when the table is N-dimensional.

The order of the dimensions, as they are listed in «indexLabels», is determined by a previous call to CATable::SetIndexOrder.

The return value is a Boolean value indicating success (true) or failure (false).

When the result table is zero-dimensional (i.e., atomic, not an array), you must use CATable::AtomicValue to access the value.



dim editTab as CATable = var2d.DefTable
dim indexLabs(1)   ' Contains two elements, (0) and (1)
indexLabs(0) = 3
indexLabs(1) = "green"
editTab.SetIndexOrder( Split("I,J",",") )

ET = editTab.GetDataByLabels(indexLabs)
dim resTab as CATable = var2d.ResultTable
resTab.SetIndexOrder( Split("I,J",","))
RT = resultTab.GetDataByLabels(indexLabs)
RT1 = var1d.ResultTable.GetDataByLabels("red")

Error Codes

24 – “Subscripts must be an array of variants”
25 – “Subscripts cannot be accessed”
26 – “Lower bound of subscript array inaccessible”
27 – “Upper bound of subscript array inaccessible”
28 – “Must specify at least one element in table”
30 – “Position does not exist”

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