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Sets the order of the indexes in the table to the order of «indexNames», which must contain the names of only and all the indexes of the table, assuming it has more than one index. This order determines the order used by SetDataByElements, SetDataByLabels, GetDataByElements and GetDataByLabels to access a cell in a table.

The index order is also used as the table pivot by GraphToStream and GraphToFile unless the GraphWithStoredPivot property is set to true or unless you have called CAGraphPivot::PivotTo for this table instance.

Data type


Example Usage

Dim indexNames(2)
indexNames(1) = "X"
indexNames(2) = "Y"


API errors

  • 24 – “Subscripts must be an array of variants”
  • 26 – “Lower bound of subscript array inaccessible”
  • 27 – “Upper bound of subscript array inaccessible”
  • 28 – “Must specify at least one element in array”
  • 52 – “Specified name is not an index of the array”

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