requires Analytica Enterprise or higher

ReadExportFile(filename, showDialog)

Reads an array from a file that is in the Export-Import data format. This file format is produced when you use the FileExport menu command when viewing a table.

Local indexes are created for each dimension in the file.

When «filename» does not include a complete file path, the name is interpreted relative to the CurrentDataFolder.

The optional «showDialog» parameter can be set to true to force the file selection dialog to always appear. Doing so allows the user to change which file is read.


Database Functions

From ADE

When evaluated in the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) and a dialog needs to be shown to the end-user, it calls IAdeUICallbacks::GetFilename(...). From within that callback, the parent application can interact with the end-user to resolve the file path, and a web applications can instruct the end-user to upload a file. Once complete, the callback returns the full path to the file which is then read. To receive this callback, the parent application must have previously registered the callback with ADE using CAEngine::SetCallbackObject( ). If it has not registered a callback and the file doesn't exist, returns an empty text.


Introduced in Analytica 4.5.

ADE callback introduced in ADE 4.6.

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