Probabilistic Definition

a. Double click on the ‘Fuel price’ node to open its object window
Fuel price1.1.jpg
b. Change the identifier to ‘Price’
Fuel price1.2.jpg
c. Type ‘$’ in the ‘Units’ field. Press ‘Tab’ key. In the ‘Description’ field, type ‘price of a gallon of gasoline’.
Fuel price1.3.jpg
d. Click the ‘expr’ button. Select ‘Distribution’. The object finder should appear. In the object finder, scroll down, and select ‘Normal’. Type ‘1.19 and 0.1’, in the ‘mean and sttdev’ window. Click ‘ok’. Now the definition for the node should be set to ‘Normal(1.19,0.1)’
Fuel price distribution.jpg

Fuel price O.F..jpg

Fuel price normal.jpg

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