Deprecated as of Analytica 4.3. Renamed to OptRead.

LpRead(filename, vars, constraints, format)

Reads a Linear Program specification from a file. The file must be in one of the standard recognized formats, specified in the optional «format» parameter:

"LP" (default)

In most cases, your file will have been written by a previous call to LpWrite or LpWriteIIS.

If only a file name without a folder path, or a relative file path is provided for «filename», it is interpreted relative to the CurrentDataFolder.

You may optionally pass in indexes for «vars» and «constraints». If you don't pass these in, the function will automatically create local indexes of the appropriate size to index the decision variables and constraints in the problem. If you do pass these, they will be used as the index for the decision variables and for the constraints, but must be of the correct length or an error results.


Introduced in Analytica 4.0.

Deprecated as of Analytica 4.3. Renamed to OptRead.

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