GammaIInv(y, a, b)

Returns the inverse of the incomplete Gamma function. The function returns the value x such that

GammaI(x, a, b) = y

«a» is the shape parameter, «b» is an optional scale factor that defaults to 1.

GammaIInv(Uniform(0, 1), a, b) is equivalent to Gamma(a, b).

GetFract(Gamma(a, b), y) is an approximation to GammaIInv(y, a, b), obtained via sampling. The former is subject to sampling error, with less error at increased sample sizes, whereas by using GammaIInv directly, sampling error is avoided entirely.


Advanced Math, Distribution Densities Library (Distribution Densities.ana)

Use FileAdd Library... to add this library


Index y := Sequence(0,0.98, 0.01)
Variable a := [0.5, 1, 2, 5]
GammaIInv(y, a) →
GammaI(12, 5, 2) → 0.7149
GammaIInv(0.7149, 5, 2) → 12

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