FAQs Analytica editions, licenses, and installation

Do you have resellers or distributors? Who sells Analytica?

We have a network of resellers located all over the world including Canada, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. We partner with the best organizations that are committed to decision support software and understand the requirements of the industries we serve. To contact a reseller in your area, see our list of resellers for contact information.

How do I know what version of Analytica I need?

The Product Description page on the Lumina website will help you determine which edition of Analytica is right for you. If you require advice after reviewing these description, contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

When will the new version of Analytica be released?

Analytica 5.0, is planned for release in November 2016. Check our News & Events for more details.

How long can a license be used before it expires?

Analytica licenses are permanent. When a license is purchased, 12 months of maintenance and support is included. We recommend renewing support annually to continue receiving technical support and free upgrades. See a full list of maintenance and support benefits here.

What does support and maintenance include?

Maintenance and Support (MTS) includes: • Email response to your technical questions. Technical support covers all issues in installation, configuration, functions and features, linking to Excel and ODBC databases. • Free downloads of patch releases • Free upgrades to minor releases (for example, 4.5 to 4.6) • Discounts on major upgrades (for example, 4.x to 5.0) • Access to beta releases of major upgrades • Edit access to the Analytica Wiki, an online technical resource • 25 free credits for Analytica Cloud Platform per month

How much does it cost to renew support and maintenance on my license?

We recommend that the support and maintenance be renewed annually. The cost is 25% of the price of the license or 20% if purchased before expiration. Renew support here.

Do you offer one license for multiple users?

A floating license lets anyone in your organization use Analytica, but only one person at a time per Floating License. It also supports Roaming: A user can check a Floating License out onto their laptop for use out of the office and away from the network. On return to the office, the user checks the license back in again so that it is available for others.

Can I use Analytica on my Mac?

Analytica does not run on Macintosh OS. But, it does run on a Macintosh, using Parallels or VMWare to run Windows. Many Mac users run Analytica for Windows under VMWare Fusion or Bootcamp. Analytica runs fine under Bootcamp also. Note that for either Bootcamp or VMWare Fusion, you will need a copy of the Windows Operating System. FYI: Bootcamp comes free with the Mac OS, and lets you boot up the Mac to run Windows. The difference with VMWare Fusion is that it lets you run the Mac OS X and Windows simultaneously. Mac and Windows programs can each run in their own Windows.

Can I install Analytica on more than one computer?

In the case of an individual license, you can install on more than one computer. For example, you may install on a laptop for use away from your office in addition to your desktop computer; as long as you are the only person who uses those installed copies. One person - one license. See the End User License Agreement.

Can I transfer my license to another user?

Yes, you can transfer your license to another end user. Just email us with your request. We will send the new end user an email with license information and email you, the previous end user, instructions to uninstall your license.

I tried to install Analytica on my new computer, but the error message says I need a 64-bit license. How do I get one?

As long as your maintenance and support is current, simply email us with your request and we will provide you with an updated license activation key. If your support and maintenance has expired, there is an upgrade fee for your 64-bit license. Send us your request and we will provide you a quote for upgrading.

I tried installing Analytica but I get an error message saying my activation code has been used too many times. Can you help?

When you purchase your license, it is set up for 3 activations. Once those activations have been used, you will need to notify us and we will provide you with more activations.

I lost the activation key for my Analytica license. Can you tell me what it is?

Email us with your company or organization name and we will send you your activation key.

Where do I find my License Id and activation code?

You can find your License ID from inside Analytica. Select the Update License... dialog from the Help Menu. You can copy/paste it from the License field. The activation code is sent to you when you purchased the license. Search your email first and if you still can’t find it, email us with your company name and we will send it to you.

How do I know what version of Analytica I am using?

From inside Analytica, select the About Analytica from the Help menu. The window will display your Analytica edition and release. This dialog box shows your Edition, Release number, and the date of the release.

What is the best way to learn Analytica?

Always start with the Tutorial. After that, browse the User Guide. Early chapters are introductory. Watch the Solar Panel model video. Browse the example models. Browse the wiki, and videos there, for ideas. Through all of it, experiment, try stuff on your own.

Do you have sample models?

From inside Analytica, select Open from the File menu. Click the Example Analytica Models icon. Example models are organized in several categories. In addition to the models that come with your Analytica software, you can find more examples on the Analytica wiki. These examples supplement the example models that are installed with Analytica into the Examples folder.

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