Error Messages/41021

Example error messages

 The model being loaded requires a license for "Adcapt" version 1.0 to use. 
 This license could not be obtained for the following reason:

License server does not support this product (-18)

Because of this, the model could not be loaded.  If you have a license file (*.lic extension), place it in the model directory at "C:\Program Files\Lumina\Adcapt\", or in the Analytica install directory, and then try reloading.

Why error this occurs

The model that you are attempting to load requires a valid license to use. Either you do not have a license for the model, you have the license but haven't installed it correctly, or your license is unavailable to you at this time.

What is a license?

Strictly speaking, a license to use a model is a legal agreement between you and the supplier of the model. But in this case, enforcement of this contract is aided through the use of a Reprise-style license. Unless you have a license to use this model on your computer, you can't run it. If you purchased the model from a vendor, then the vendor should have supplied you with a license, and you should have installed it on your computer.

A license is often specific for your computer -- called a node-locked license -- and is often contained in a file with the file extension *.lic. If your vendor supplied you with this file, place it in the same directory where your model file is located. Analytica will look for it in that directory, in the Analytica install directory, and on the reprise license manager server if you are using a centrally managed license for Analytica.

If your license is hosted by an RLM server, other than the RLM server used to authenticate your Analytica license, then you should create a file with a *.lic file extension in the directory of your model with the following line:

HOST «serverName» any 2375

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