Error Messages/40719

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 The C:\Program Files\Lumina\Analytica 4.2\SolverSDK.dll library was not found. The file may be missing,
 or the registry setting:
 HKLM/Software/Lumina Decison Systems/Analytica/4.2:SolverDLL
 may be incorrectly configured.


As the error states, you are either:

  1. missing the SolverSDK.dll file that should be located in your Analytica installation directory.
  2. or your registry key, SolverDLL, is corrupted. This registry key value should point to the SolverSDK.dll file.

Note: The registry setting name is SolverDLL, but in some releases of Analytica this error message incorrectly said to look for the setting named SolverSDK. This was an error in the error message text.


The easiest fix is to run the Analytica Installer, which will replace the mentioned dll file and also fix the corrupted registry setting.

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