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 Unrecognized parameter to GetProcessInfo: 'TotalFreeMemory'.  The following parameter values are recognized:
 'Process ID', 'Thread ID' 'Priority' 'User' 'Windows Version' 'Windows Build' 'Windows SP' 'Computer Name'
 'Abort Event Object' 'Working Set Size' 'Working Set Max' 'Working Set Min' 'Working Set Peak' 'Private Bytes'
 'Page Fault Count' 'Analytica Path' 'Num Processors' 'Processor #' 'Affinity Mask' 'Command Line'
 'Environment Variables' 'ENV:«name»"


You passed an unrecognized parameter to the function GetProcessInfo. You could have made a typo on the parameter that was passed as well. Please take look at the function description to see the parameters that can be passed to the GetProcessInfo function.


Correct the parameter passed to the GetProcessInfo function.

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