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In the call to MdTable, the «Vars» parameter cannot be omitted when the «valueColumn» is explicitly specified.


You passed the «ValueColumn» parameter to the MdTable function without passing in the «Vars» parameter.

MdTable function converts a flat 2-dimensional table in pure-relational or fact-table format to a multidimensional table. You don't need to specify parameters «Vars» or «ValueColumn» to convert a table in pure relational format to a multidimensional format. You need to pass in the «ValueColumn» parameter to specify how the multiple value columns are divided in the fact-table format, and the «Vars» parameter, list of index identifiers, to specify the dimension of the final result.

The documentation on MdTable and Relational tables and multiD arrays explains the function in more detail and provides examples on how the function can be used.


For data in pure-relational table, you can remove the «valueColumn» parameter to the MdTable function.

For data in fact-table format, you will need to provide the «Vars» parameter to specify the dimension of the final multidimensional result.

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