Category:Optimization Functions

Optimization functions may be used to find a solution that maximizes or minimizes an objective, possible subject to constraints, or to solve a system of equations.

Most optimization functions require an Analytica Optimizer license. These make use of the Frontline solver, containing state-of-the-art optimization algorithms, and also allowing third party solver engines to be utilized.

A few functions found in the Optimization Functions library (GoalSeek and Solve) can be used without Analytica Optimizer. However, the algorithms used there are far more elementary.

Within Analytica Optimizer, optimization problems can be formalized in three forms, as:

  • Linear Programs (using LpDefine)
  • Quadratic Programs (using QpDefine), having a quadratic objective and linear or convex quadratic constraints.
  • Non-linear Programs (using NlpDefine)

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