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The CD Player is a mode of the Analytica Player edition that can be burned to a CD, such that when an end-user inserts the CD into his computer, Analytica Player runs directly from the CD without having to install anything. The CD Player makes no changes to the file system or system registry, allowing it to be run on computers subject to restrictions on installing unapproved software.

Burning a CD Player Disk

The following outlines the steps required to burn a CD with CD Player. It is assumed that you will also want to include your own Analytica model on the disk image. By following the instructions here, Analytica Player will launch and load your model when a user inserts the CD, or if he runs Analytica.bat from the CD.

You will need the following:

  • Your model, referred to here as xxxxxxxx.ana. (The xxxxxxxx will be replaced with your file's name, of course)
  • An installed instance of the latest build of Analytica -- must be Analtyica or later. You will grab the key files from that installation directory (so that you get the latest files at the time you are doing this).
  • The license file: CDPlayer.lic containing the analytica_cdplayer license. At this time, Lumina provides this separately after appropriate arrangements have been made to qualify you as a re-distributor of this software.
Step 1
Create Analytica.bat
This file allows people to easily launch Analytica with your model by running the batch file. To create, launch a text editor (e.g., TextPad or NotePad), and type the following lines (substituting xxxxxxxx.ana for your model name):
 pushd %~d0%~p0
 Analytica.exe "xxxxxxxx.ana"
Save the file as Analytica.bat
Step 2
Create Autorun.inf
This file causes your model to automatically launch when the CD is inserted into the drive. Again, launch a text editor and type the following lines with xxxxxxxx.ana replaced by your model filename:
 open=Analytica.exe "xxxxxxxx.ana"
Save this as Autorun.inf
Step 3
(optional) Readme.txt file
If desired, you may want to alter the ReadMe.txt file as appropriate for your model and your projected users. If so, make a copy of Analytica's ReadMe.txt file and then edit from there. Some info in that file may not be relevant to your target users, and you are welcome to remove that info.
Step 4
(optional) License text
You may want to include a file with legal mumbo-jumbo outlining license terms related to your model. When you distribute your CD, you must leave Lumina's legal text in place (in the License.txt file). To add your own, you can either augment the Licence.txt file (make a copy of it, then edit), or just add new files with your legal text. If you augment it, you must clearly differentiate which terms are for Lumina and apply to Analytica, and which apply to your model.
There are two copies of the legal text in the Analytica install directory -- license.rtf and license.txt. These should have identical content, but different formatting. License.rtf can be edited in Word (the RTF format is used so as to be viewable in WordPad for people who don't have MS Word installed). License.rtf is optional -- it isn't used by the software, but is just nicer and easier to read when people view the file. License.txt is a plain-text version of that content that is used by the software. People will see this text when they select the View license info option on the Help menu.
Step 5
Insert a blank CD into a CD Read/Write drive.
When prompted, select: Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer
Step 6
Add files to CD image
Open a second Files Explorer window and drag the following files to the CD image folder opened in Step 4. All these files should appear at the top level directory -- not in any subdirectory. Those shown in italics are taken from your Analytica install directory:
 ''license.rtf'' (optional)
 ''Library'' directory (optional)
 ''Example Models'' directory (optional)
 ''Tutorial Models'' directory (optional)

Note: You can optionally customize license.txt and Readme.txt; however, you must leave Lumina's licensing terms in tact in license.txt and clearly distinguish between what terms are from Lumina and what terms you have added for your own model. If you customize, do that before copying the image.

Step 7
Burn the image
Press Write these files to CD on the CD Writable window
Step 8
Print label for the CD
The design and printing of a label up to you.

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