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New to ADE 4.6


A bit field of flags that control certain properties of ADE.

  • 1 = Allow hiding and unhiding of definitions.
    When this is not set, you cannot change the Att__CloakDefn attribute from ADE. Since applications in ADE are usually using a model that was previously build in Analytica, you will usually want this off. If you wanted to allow a user to hide or unhide definitions from your application, as they can in Analytica Enterprise, then you would need set this flag.

Data Type

unsigned long



Example Usage

CAEngine ade = new CAEngine;
ade.Flags = ade.Flags | 0x0001;          // allow hiding / unhiding.  | is the bit-OR operator in C#, C++ and other languages.

Setting Att__cloakDefn =

Errors will result if you attempt to set Att__cloakdefn without the 0x0001 flag.

ade.Flags = ade.Flags & ~1;              // disallow hiding/unhiding of definitions
CAObject xObj = ade.Get("X");
xObj.SetAttribute("Att__cloakDefn",0);    // fails
if (ade.ErrorCode!=0) {
  // Error code is 36 = Attribute could not be set.
  // OutputBuffer is "You cannot hide or unhide the definition of x"

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