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New to ADE 4.3


The maximum time limit in milliseconds imposed on evaluations from methods in CAEngine, i.e., SendCommand, Send, OpenModel, and AddModule, as well as the default value for CAObject::MethodEvaluationTimeLimit for any CAObjects instantiated. A value of zero indicates no time limit.

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Example Usage

CAEngine ade = new CAEngine;
ade.DefaultEvaluationTimeLimit = 10000 /*ms*/;    // abort any computation that takes more than 10 seconds

When to use

Use this if you are worried about a computation (perhaps in an arbitrary model) taking an excessively long time and thus hogging CPU cycles.

For computation of variable results, you have the option of setting CAObject::MethodEvaluationTimeLimit instead. However, if you want to limit the time spent when a typescript command is evaluated (e.g., via CAEngine::SendCommand), or for evaluations that occur when opening a model, then you must set the time limit using this property.

An alternative to limiting the maximum evaluation time is to provide your users with an "abort" functionality, such as Ctrl+Break. See How to Abort an ADE Computation.

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