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bool SendCommand(string command)

Sends the string «command» property as a typescript command to be executed by ADE. See the Analytica Scripting Guide for details of commands and syntax.

SendCommand is a single method that is faster way to execute a typescript command than using the Send method. Using Send requires these two statements to execute a command.

ade.Command = "profile Va1"
b = ade.Send( )

This can be done with a single SendCommand statement.

b = ade.SendCommand("profile Va1")

Return value

Boolean (success or failure)

Error Codes

May not be a complete list of possible error codes
1 – “Unimplemented”
2 – “Warning”
3 – “Lexical error”
4 – “Statement error”
5 – “Expression error”
6 – “Execution error”
7 – “System error”
8 – “Fatal error”
9 – “Undefined variable error”
10 – “Aborted”

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