Att CellFormat

Attribute Att_CellFormat

This attribute holds cell formats that are set using the Cell format dialog. It is not an attribute that an model builder or model user typically examines or changes.

The attribute contains a cell format expression, in much the same form as a Computed cell format, but restricted somewhat to smaller variation of cases that the Cell format dialog can recognize, and which internal logic can process, splice and rearrange. The basic structure usually consists of a list of clauses, which are listed inside an outer call to CellFormats. Each clause contains between 0 to 3 nested calls to CellSpan that identify the selected region at the time the user used the Cell formats dialog to change something. These CellSpan expressions associate the formats with indexes, so that the formats follow the cells as the table is pivoted and sliced.


The contents of Att_CellFormat is spliced automatically when table indexes change. These splicing operations modify the «pos» parameter values to the CellSpan predicates that appear within the attribute expression.


If is possible to set the value of the attribute using the assignment operator. The value assigned to the attribute may be a textual expression containing cell format predicates, or it can be the result of evaluating a cell format expression -- for example, it could be the result of evaluating an expression that you would use in the Cell Format Expression. The assignment transforms an evaluated cell format expression into a pre-evaluated static form.

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