New to Analytica 6.1

AddModuleOrLibrary( filename, parent, link, merge )

This function adds a module or library to a model, the equivalent of using Add Library... or Add Module... on the File menu.

When «filename» begins with "[Libraries]", the path to Analytica's installed Libraries folder(s) is substituted for "[Libraries]". This enables the function to find the library if your model is shared with someone who has Analytica installed to a different location than you do.

When «filename» is a relative path, it looks first in the CurrentModelFolder, then in the installed Libraries folder(s).

The second parameter, «parent», is the identifier of the module that should contain the incoming module or library.

The optional boolean parameter «link» indicates whether the incoming module should be imported as a filed module/library (when «link» is true) or embedded (when «link» is false).

The optional «merge» should be set true if you are updating a module or library that is already in memory.

The return value is a handle to the added module or library.

Example usage

Local m:=AddModuleOrLibrary( "[Libraries]\Performance Profiler.ana", Orphans, link:false, merge:true )
ShowWindow( m, 'Diagram')

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