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With an ACP Group Account users can share Analytica models with each other and deploy models to end users to run via the web. An administrator can set up multiple projects, invite new users, and set their roles on each project as a Reviewer, Author, or Manager. This page introduces the features of a Group Account.

This page is mainly for Authors and reviewers. For managers and Subscription Admins, see ACP Group Plans for Managers and Admins for more information.

The Models tab

After logging into a Group account, you'll first see the Models tab, which lists the Models (and any data files) for a selected Project:

ACP3 group UI 01.png

Choose Account and Project.

Choose Account and Project.

Click to sort by file name.

Search field

Select a file to download or delete it.

Model file - click to open. More in the tutorial...

Data file.
  • Account menu: If there is more than one, Press to see the list of Accounts you are a member of.
  • Project menu: Press to see a menu of your projects and select the project you want to view. It shows all the projects of which you are a member. When you log in, it shows the project you were in when you last logged out.
  • Model: The list of models, spreadsheets, or other data files in this project. Initially, they are sorted by Save date, most recent first. Click on the header "Model" to sort them alphabetically. Click again on Model to reverse the sort order by name, or sort by Save Date or File Size by clicking on the column headers..
  • Search field: Search for file names by entering text in the Search box. The model list adjusts to match file names containing that text as it is entered.
  • Upload button - Press to open a windows file selection dialog for uploading model and data files from your local disk. Reviewers may only upload data files.
  • Download button - disabled for Reviewers - Pres to open a windows dialog to save the selected file to your local disk.
  • Delete button - disabled for Reviewers - press to delete the selected file. Delete the file from the model list and the file system.
  • Email invite button - Press to open the email invite dialog. See more in the ACP tutorial

User Types

There are four types of user in an ACP Group account.

Privileges Admin Manager Author Reviewer
Run models
Save changes to models
Up and download models
Upload data files and spreadsheets
Delete models
Send email invites
Add / Remove Projects
Add / Manage users
  • A user may have access to one or several projects, and may have different levels of access in each project.
  • A user has the same password for all projects.

Users Tab

  • Authors and reviewers can review other members in the project, and their project roles, but they cannot change them.

ACP3 group UI 02.png

Account tab

ACP3 group UI 03.png

Open Change Password dialog.

Link to the Analytica shopping cart.

Number of monthly sessions remaining
  • The Account tab has has a link to change your password (you may also do this from the sign in page).

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