Beta Tester Page

We are no longer in beta testing.

Why become a beta tester?

  • Test drive the upcoming release 6.4 and start using its new features immediately.
  • Participate in webinars on tips and guides on new features.
  • Help improve the final release.
  • Check that your models work in the new release. Find any issues while they can still be fixed, ensuring a seamless transition for you and your model users when this release becomes official.

As a beta tester, we request that you

  • Read What's new in Analytica 6.4? for an overview of the new features.
  • Sign up as a beta tester by filling in the form when you run the installer.
  • Try out the new Analytica enhancements of interest to you.
  • Submit a bug report if you find an issue
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest beta build. Analytica will show you an alert whenever there is a new build ready to install, about every 2 weeks. We may also send you email reminders. See release notes for changes and bug fixes in each beta release.
  • We encourage you to retain Analytica 6.3 when you install Analytica 6.4 beta. That lets you compare their behavior if you suspect a new bug.

Improve docs on the Analytica wiki

During beta period, we are still updating this Analytica Wiki to reflect new features. What's new in Analytica 6.4? is the most complete listing of new features, and is also a work in progress. As we approach final release date, this information will be more complete.

As an Analytica user, you are invited to contribute to the docs! Since it's on a wiki (using Mediawiki software, just like Wikipedia), you can add or edit any content. If you find something unclear, incomplete, or just wrong, feel free to fix it yourself. Or add comments, asking someone else to. And you are welcome to add tips or interesting examples.

Known issues

If you find an issue, please let us know about it at Please see Submitting a bug report for instructions on reporting bugs.

Note: We list only the most important issues here (ones that might impact your ability to use it, or which are likely to be found and reported multiple times). We maintain a comprehensive bug base in-house, which is not accessible outside of Lumina.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

See Analytica User FAQs for frequently asked questions not specific to 6.4 or to beta testing.


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