What's new in Analytica 6.5?

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The current release is Analytica 6.4. This page is describes new features in the next Analytica release.

The Analytica 6.5 release introduces the Analytica A.I. Assistant.

Analytica 6.5 is currently in alpha testing. The alpha stage comes before the beta testing stage, which is when we usually make a preview release available to our users. The pre-beta build(s) very likely contain serious instabilities. We discourage you from using or relying on the alpha build for your "real work". We provide this early release in order to give early access to the A.I. assistant. If you want to be an alpha tester, get started at the Beta Tester Page.

Assista, the Analytica A.I. Assistant

An exciting natural language assistant that can help with things like:

  • How do you do X in Analytica?
  • Can you do it for me?
  • Where can I find more info on «Analytica topic»
  • Write this description for me
  • Show me «description of something or some result in the model»

and much more, with increasing capabilities expected in the future. Here is a 7 minute unpolished demo video with some examples.

As of this build, an Analytica Enterprise or Optimizer license is required to use Assista. We intend to fix this shortly and make it available to Professional and Free users in a future build.

Web service integration

The ReadFromURL function, used to call external web services APIs, has been significantly extended to support:

  • Asynchronous HTTP communications
  • Ctrl+Break to interrupt it and Windows redraw events while waiting for a slow server response.
  • Websocket connections.
  • Streaming responses (Server-Sent Events, SSE).

Built-in functions


It is possible to define a new Namespace for each module and library to prevent clashes when they contain identifiers that are the same as those in another module. Namespaces also let the modeler specify which object identifiers are public -- i.e. may be accessed from outside the module -- or private. This is an incomplete feature, and so not an official part of the 6.5 release. But it is used by the A.I. assistant client to keep its identifiers separate from your model's. See Namespaces.

Customizing DTA's UI

Advanced library authors can take advantage of some new customization features.

  • Allows browse-only modules that aren't filed modules.
  • Allows a library to add a menu item or a toolbar button.
  • RegisterSelectionChangeHandler - a mechanism to track changes to what is selected in the UI.


  • Less flashing during diagram redraws.
  • The NameSize default changed from 20 to 40. This is the Preferences setting that controls the maximum number of characters in an identifier that is auto-generated from a title.

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