Ana:ACP3 Enhancements and fixes

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These are changes by build for releases on the staging server, which may not yet be released on the release server. When they are, these fixes are copied over to What's new in ACP?.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 119: 23- Sep-2023

  • ER 1739 Add a confirmation message box when uploading a file that has the same name as a file present in the folder.
  • ER 1735 Formnode border color should match original node when using 'flat' button style
  • ER 1734 Don't show border of formnode buttons when using Flat button style and original node has no border.
  • EW 1732 Can't upload an update to existing file using Publish to Cloud or User Portal
  • ER 1731 Table cells should be vertically aligned to "top" and not "center" by default, same as DTA
  • ER 1730 Make mutliline text cells have text left aligned, same as DTA
  • EW 1729 unexpectedly small limit on # of simultaneous heat pump calc instances
  • EW 1727 Table width doesn't fill out frame node.
  • EW 1726 Pressing the Autoscale icon changes from Log to Linear scale, and is irreversible - you can't get back to where you started.
  • EW 1712 Error when opening Suan Account admin in ACP
  • EW 1709 Numbers with dollar sign number format paste as text into edit table
  • EW 1682 Choice controls using an array-valued computed domain don't update when computed domain changes.
  • ER 1652 Flat button style
  • EW 1636 Output node uncertainty menu appears a long way from the node when clicked
  • ER 1296 Numbers with dollar signs should paste as numbers (not text)

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 118: 22- August-2023

  • EW 1722 Error messages appearing, User Portal file list not showing.
  • EW 1729 Cursor remains a hand when not hovering over a link in the email invite status message.
  • Ew 1719 Add space before and after the number model runs remaining in the status message in Premium group account.
  • EW 1718 stray numbers in the account tab when count model runs is turned off.
  • EW 1716 Graph zoom shows blank graph
  • EW 1715 In Portal Models listing, if you click on an xlsx or xlms file, ACP tries to open it and hangs
  • EW 1714 Upload dialog is only showing .ana files initially, but it should include xlsx, txt and csv
  • EW 1710 Mis-aligned text in the Account tab for purchased credits (depends on user name)
  • EW 1671 The Calc button on formnodes not working (at least in this model).

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 117: 2- August-2023

  • ER 1708 ACP Model Runs.ana top diagram not showing in ACP due to frame node issue
  • ER 1707 Allow Gravelroad to have 10 users even after changing the limit to 4 users for Group accounts.
  • ER 1706 Use purchased credits when launching a model evite.
  • ER 1705 Count purchased credits when launching a model in ACP Portal.
  • ER 1704 Count purchased credits when launching a model in ACP Portal.
  • EW 1702 ACP hangs on MTAIR model.
  • EW 1699 A certain [calc] button doesn't calc when clicked.
  • ER 1691 When creating a project, the cursor should be automatically placed in the project name input field
  • EW 1690 Cells in a table with Cell fills don't paste values into an edit table.
  • ER 1689 Add the [Credit Sales] table creation to the Create Suan DB.ana model file.
  • ER 1687 Add Table [Credit Sales] to Suan Subscriptions database on Suan-stage and
  • EW 1686 When a user has just one subscription, there should be a space between the colon and the subscription name.
  • ER 1684 Provide feedback when 'Sign up' button is pressed on log in page.
  • EW 1683 In Account tab of User Portal, Account choice pulldown menu is not aligned properly.
  • ER 1681 Remove [Number of credits used] column the Credit Sales table in the Suan database.
  • ER 1680 Change "session credits" to "model run credits" in in status messages in 'Launch eVite.ana'.
  • EW 1678 Out of session credits Message contains a link which is formatted as text and non clickable.
  • ER 1677 Move model run limits from Session Limits to Model Run Credits.ana.
  • EW 1675 With 0 sessions remaining, the account tab show a blank area next tothe number os sessions remaining.
  • ER 1663 Change "Session credits" to "model runs" in ACP UI and message boxes.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 116: 6- july-2023

  • EW 1693 Style library sets top tabs when added as default instead of outline
  • EW 1676 Some url encoded keys are not supposed to be passed into ACP for security reasons.
  • EW 1673 Sometimes model doesn't launch when file name is clicked in model listing.
  • ER 1597 Pass data on URL query string to model.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 115: 29- jun-2023

  • EW 1670 Hide Definitions still doesn't hide them when set at the module level.
  • ER 1669 Don't enforce model run limits when opening an invite for Lumina accounts and accounts
  • EW 1668 A hidden definition can be viewed (e.g., in the Object tab) in ACP.
  • EW 1667 Graph shown ACP1 Graph tab is a little too short initially.
  • ER 1664 Move model runs limits (session credits) from acpConfig.js
  • ER 1661 Change ACP "Sessions" to be same as "Model runs"
  • EW 1658 Images in nodes in Txc example model exceed the nodes' borders
  • ER 1657 Create new flag for turning off counting of session credits
  • EW 1656 Number appears below Models Listing after pressing Email Invite button
  • ER 1653 Show Session Info for Individual accounts in the User Portal's Account tab
  • ER 1651 Add exclusion to the Lumina group account and individual accounts to enforcing session limits
  • ER 1649 Add warning messages when number of sessions is getting low
  • ER 1648 Limit file upload sizes for Individual, Group and Group Premium plans in User Portal
  • ER 1642 Limit session credit usage for Individual accounts, same as is already done for group accounts
  • ER 1641 Update message shown to users when they have exhausted the accounts session credits.
  • ER 1639 Enforce session credit limits when opening an invite in account that has reached its limit
  • EW 1637 Sessions are not decremented when this model is launched.
  • EW 1630 With top tabs, outliner, and no frame/tall node, graph is too tall
  • EW 1574 After Publish to Cloud from DTA, model should open in ACP (but does not)

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 114: 17-May-2023

  • EW 1668 Hidden Definitions aren't hidden
  • EW 1666 In the ACP sessions model, when you set subscr to ‘All’ it gives this error message.
  • ER 1631 Add a warning message for people using ACP in FireFox, advising them to use Chrome.
  • ER 1628 Show the number of sessions remaining for a group account in the User Portal.
  • EW 1627 Text alignment wrong for some rows in result table in Max's Enterprise model.
  • EW 1626 Max: Get delete projects working or remove button.
  • ER 1625 Many table cell formats styles are not yet in ACP.
  • ER 1623 Remove the link to the ACP and Lumina terms of use agreement
  • ER 1618 When opening a model (evite), make it just one progress bar for the Reading Model File and Checking Definitions.
  • ER 1617 Make progress bar wider.
  • ER 1616 Input and outnode node buttons appear briefly and are then replaced by icons.
  • ER 1615 Update the lumina logo on the model listing's footer to the new style
  • EW 1614 A model with a quote in the file name throws an error when pressing email invite.
  • ER 1612 Update logo colors in loading screen.
  • EW 1589 Can't add email invite addresses with a + sign in the address.
  • ER 1514 Ability to select across multiple rows from result tables.
  • EW 1453 Scalar user output nodes with dates won't show result.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 113: 28-Apr-2023

  • ER 1611 Old Analytica logo on sign-in page
  • ER 1610 Give ACP Portal tabs the same hover and click feedback that tabs "Tabs across the top" has.
  • ER 1609 Update Icon in Title Toolbar
  • ER 1608 Enforce session credit limits when opening a model the user portal
  • EW 1606 Using slider in edit table crashes ACP
  • ER 1605 Add configuration settings to AcpConfig for max number of users allowed in Basic and Premium plans
  • ER 1603 Exempt 'Lumina' premium group plan from the new limits on number of users
  • ER 1601 Round bottom corners of diagram when outline is showing
  • EW 1600 slider control non responsive in frame node edit table cell
  • ER 1598 When clicking on input node with numeric % format, select only the digits as DTA does.
  • ER 1596 When a group account has reached its limit of users, show informative message when the 'Add users' button
  • ER 1594 When double- clicking on a table cell to edit a number, select the digits, same as DTA in browse mode
  • ER 1591 Limit number of users for Basic Group Accounts and Premium Group Accounts
  • ER 1310 When entering edit mode for an edit table cell, have the current contents become selected.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 112: 13-Apr-2023

  • EW 1595 When logged in with auth string. new invitees get the authstring in their invite email

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 111: 1-Apr-2023

  • EW 1586 Multichoice Filter Crash
  • EW 1584 Continuous slider not working well when using auto_zoom_diagrams: yes
  • EW 1581 Bottom rhs Lumina logo partially off screen when viewing table/graph w/ top tabs
  • EW 1580 There should be a white margin to right of the diagram/tabs area to match the white margin to left of the Outline area.
  • ER 1579 Bottom corners of diagram area should be rounded to match bottom corners of Outline area
  • ER 1578 Change background color for selected item in the outliner
  • ER 1577 Bottom of diagram area should align with bottom of Outline area
  • ER 1576 Make top/side module tab title font white when tab has a dark background color.
  • EW 1575 Cells with percent format don't enter the way Hadi wants it for heat pump model (back to ie 20= 2000%)
  • EW 1572 Wrong parent tab is shown when changing to another diagram by clicking on output variable.
  • EW 1571 Table does not pivot correctly when index menu pivoter is changed.
  • EW 1569 Slider labels do not show with style lablesbelow
  • ER 1567 Add the model file name to the help balloon that appears when you hover over the title in the toolbar
  • ER 1565 Remove internal borders from cell selection in edit tables.
  • EW 1357 Cell border remains highlighted after clicking outside the edit table

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 110: 1-Mar-2023

  • EW 1560 Error selecting a file in the model listing.
  • EW 1558 Error message with new ACP account.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 109: 18-Febuary-2023

  • EW 1546 Enhance json returned by useObjAtt(oid, "_sliderState") to include number formatting and tick marks

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 108: 16-Febuary-2023

  • EW 1555 No messages when clicking the sign up button.
  • EW 1553 No feedback when clicking the Get a new password button. (And other buttons on the sign in page.)c.f. 1555
  • ER 1549 Change setVal for _sliderState to accept an array of vals/pos(s) for sliders in edit tables.
  • EW 794 Arrows show between modules when top tabs nav style is used

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 107: 13-Febuary-2023

  • EW 1552 Warning about password field exposes user's password.
  • ER 1551 Node titles not wrapping when they should, in this case no spaces in the title
  • ER 1548 Get setVal working for discrete slider input nodes.
  • EW 1544 Showwindow() not working for definition window
  • EW 794 Arrows show between modules when top tabs nav style is used

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 106: 7-Febuary-2023

  • EW 1550 There should be a message box w/ caption "Standard ACP Settings?" after adding style lib
  • ER 1543 Make Download this model option off by default
  • ER 1542 Implement the "Labels Below" style for discrete slider input nodes
  • ER 1539 Implement input node control that is a slider with two thumbs (discrete)
  • ER 1537 Implement input node control that is a slider with two thumbs (continuous)
  • ER 1535 Sliders with first and last options labels at ends for discrete sliders

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 105: 21-January-2023

  • ER 1534 Implement 'Discrete single thumb' slider for slider input nodes
  • ER 1533 Sliders w/ lower bound and upper bound labels "At Ends"
  • EW 1529 Slider state update does not appear to be working when using useObjAtt(oid, "_sliderState");

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 104: 19-January-2023

  • EW 1532 Arrows below initial scroll view don't display.
  • ER 1531 Complete thumb shapes for sliders i.e. Block, Line, Diamond shapes
  • EW 1529 Slider state update does not appear to be working when using useObjAtt(oid, "_sliderState");
  • EW 1528 useObjAtt(oid, "_sliderState") returns malformed JSON when slider has two thumbs
  • ER 1527 Implement "Needle" and "Rectangle" thumb shapes for sliders
  • ER 1526 Slider w/ no thumb
  • EW 1524 allow_model_download:false / show_menu_download:no causes extra line '0' in close menu.
  • ER 1523 Continuous single thumb slider w/ circular thumb

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 103: 15-January-2023

  • ER 1522 For large tables, implement a way to get a totals cell using useQuery({req: "cell" ...})
  • ER 1520 Rename ACP Style controlling the appearance of the "Download Mode" menu option in the toolbar
  • ER 1519 Move "Download model" menu options from Hamburger menu to the Save/Close menu
  • ER 1518 Add "Download model" menu item to the hamburger menu
  • ER 1517 Add click feedback for Hamburger and Close menu items
  • ER 1516 Have diagram tabs zoom out to match auto zoom of diagrams
  • EW 1513 List output node not showing "List" on its button when set to text
  • EW 1510 useQuery(req: "cell"...) no longer working, always returns undefined

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 102: 13-December-2022

  • EW 1508 ACP white screen crash when double clicking on date in edit table

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 101: 7-December-2022

  • EW 1504 Can't upload and overwrite a model
  • EW 1502 Description Balloon not showing for graph in tall node
  • EW 1501 Lingering description balloon
  • EW 1497 List input node not showing icon when it should be
  • EW 1494 Show help balloon for frame node table/graphs when show_description: 0 is present
  • EW 1477 Come up with a way to change uncertainty view for atomic output nodes

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 100: 23-November-2022

  • ER 1496 If model using Century Gothic diagram font, and that font is not present, then use 'sans-serif'
  • EW 1495 Get help balloon close button working to handle lingering balloons
  • EW 1489 Model crashes after editing a table cell
  • EW 1488 Help balloon not showing in tall nodes when show_description: 0/no is set at the model level

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 99: 17-November-2022

  • EW 1487 Add close button to help balloon just in case it lingers.
  • EW 1486 White screen crash when viewing large table from Bayer model.
  • EW 1485 Large table crashes with Table truncation.
  • ER 1484 Merge Lonnie's and Fred's large table truncation ERs.
  • ER 1482 Add choice list filtering for long multichoice inputs.
  • ER 1481 Change how percent cells are updated in edit tables (e.g. 20 = 20% not 2000%).
  • EW 1475 Self-Choice in table doesn't work with array-valued domain.
  • EW 1470 No indication that the model is still loading loading (while csv i is being read).
  • ER 1468 ACP API enhancements for Slider controls.
  • EW 183 Cell formatting doesn't work in header cells.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 98: 31-October-2022

  • ER 1474 Move white list of allowable upload types to acpConfig.json
  • ER 1472 Give click feedback to button nodes
  • ER 1471 Give click feedback when clicking form node buttons e.g. make text white

Build 97 - skipped - same as build 96

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 96: 21-October-2022

  • EW 1465 Don't show message box twice about updating to latest version of style library
  • ER 1464 Only show choice menu filter when the menu has more 10 items.
  • ER 1463 Add choice input filter feature for choice input nodes
  • ER 1462 Don't show message about replacing ACP Style Lib twice
  • ER 1461 Truncate large tables - interim solution - This is what we did in ACP1 and no complaints.
  • EW 1460 rhs border of hierarchy stripe and diagram don't match
  • EW 1457 Help Balloon lingers when using choice input
  • EW 1455 Result table column is too narrow

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 95: 8-October-2022

  • EW 1450 Pressing Email Invite button causes white screen in models listing
  • EW 1448 Can't upload .xlsx file
  • ER 1447 Add mouse feedback for msgbox() dialog buttons
  • ER Add mouse feedback to close button on Connection Status dialog
  • ER 1445 Only allow certain files types to be uploaded in the user portal
  • ER 1444 When ACP web socket connection is closed, provide feedback and reconnect
  • EW 1443 Remove new line characters in title for formnodes
  • ER 1440 No response when you click Download button in portal models listing
  • EW Cannot show probabilistic result for distribution - model specific.
  • EW 1275 Users can upload other types of files
  • EW 1263 Title wraps too soon in form node labels sometimes.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 94: 26-September-2022

  • ER 1436 Add click feedback and close popup menu when 'download csv' is clicked
  • ER 1435 Download CSV should show wait icon
  • EW 1434 Tooltips not working for top toolbar or icons in embedded notes
  • EW 1335 Header is squashed in edit table without title showing

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 93: 23-September-2022

  • EW 1422 Units of Embeddded edit table in wrong location
  • EW 1428 Add vertical scroll bar to help balloon when text doesn't fit
  • EW 1430 Can't switch to pdf table from graph in frame node.
  • EW 1431 Top of Help Balloon is too high, off top of screen

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 92: 18-September-2022

  • EW 1423 Error when opening Cory's model
  • ER 1425 Add feedback when clicking on model name in portal's model listing

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 91: 15-September-2022

  • EW 1407 W/tall output node X + Frame node, X should not appear in Frame node.
  • EW 1421 Error when trying to download csv of Cory's edit table

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 90: 14-September-2022

  • EW 1417 "Error occurred while processing query" message appears when viewing tables
  • ER 1416 Have a double click open a choice input inside an edit table

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 89: 14-September-2022

  • EW 1415 Bayer model: Suan crashes when changing project status to deleted.
  • EW 1414 Suan crashes when deleting a case in the Bayer model
  • EW 1413 Long Index values extend outside the slicer text Fields.
  • EW 1411 No spinning cube indication of ongoing calculation for framenode.
  • ER 1405 Add Filtering capability for choice inputs (initially in edit tables)
  • EW 1393 Probabilistic results not showing up in Car Cost model. (For non-prob variable)

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 88: 31-August-2022

  • ER 1404 Choice input in edit table cell, make clickable region highlight on mouse hover.
  • ER 1403 Choice input in edit table, expansion of the sensitive area around the menu triangle.
  • ER 1401 Show a message when selecting a probabilistic result for a non-prob node.
  • EW 1400 Can't change projects/accounts.
  • ER 1392 Lists should show as a single list not repeated in a table

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 87: 26-August-2022

  • EW 1399 In ACP1 tabs, click on graphs doesn't show graph data point balloon.
  • ER 1398 Don't show non prob views for non prob variables
  • EW 1397 Prob view selector pulldown doesn't work in tall nodes for graphs.
  • ER 1395 Message boxes should be centered on the browser screen
  • ER 1387 Reload ACP style lib option in hamburger menu
  • ER 1354 Prompt user to save model when closing model

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 86: 15-August-2022

  • EW 1386 After adding style library from hamburger menu, model listing does not show when closing model.
  • EW 1381 Unresponsive Spinning cube after closing a model (caused by fix for EW 1367).
  • ER 1367 Add feedback when closing model because sometimes takes a long time.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 85: 28-July-2022

  • EW 1382 Show effects of multichoice selections as they are clicked . (Or choice input popup displaying wrong menu items when clicked after updating another dependent choice/multichoice input.)
  • EW 1380 Don't show message "This cell can't be edited" for cells in a result table.
  • ER 1379 When you copy a selected cell with a choice menu, it should copy the value selected in the menu (text or number).

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 84: 22-July-2022

  • ER 1377 Give choice input cells a green selection border when clicked
  • ER 1376 Pasting copied cell into selected cells in an edit table
  • ER 1375 Help menu should display options when reportissue.vbs is not present. All but Tech support.
  • ER 1374 Style library - move save frame views to the esoteric styles module.
  • ER 1373 Change UX for 'Save as' dialog when overwriting existing files
  • ER 1372 Users portal, change 'Not member' menu option to 'Remove'
  • ER 1371 Display "This field can't be edited." when someone double clicks on a read only edit table cell
  • ER 1370 Give read only cells in edit tables a gray background
  • ER 1367 Add feedback when closing model because sometimes takes a long time
  • ER 1366 Add time to "Save date" column in Models listing in Portal
  • EW 1365 Remove excess corners from gray highlight on mouseover of Frame
  • ER 1364 Too much information when loading and checking a large model
  • ER 1323 change choice menu opening for edit tables so it only opens on arrow click
  • EW 1287 Images should not be paste-able in edit tables.
  • EW 1286 JavaScript crash when result in output node is an image

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 83: 5-July-2022

  • ER 1363 Change behavior for ctrl+a when deselecting items in multichoice input. When all elements are selected, make Ctrl+A, unselect all, and select the item the cursor is hovering on at the same time.
  • ER 1361 For multichoice input nodes, move "First only", "All" and "None" to top of listing.
  • ER 1360 Column is too wide in a result table (FWB: But the column header needs space for the index name, totals icon and sort icon).
  • EW 1359 Text does not fit in text node.
  • ER 1358 Syntax errors etc should not ask if you want to edit the Definition.
  • ER 1356 Add tool tips for logos in the footer
  • ER 1374 Max' Style library update - move save frame views to the esoteric styles module
  • DTA ER 20520 - Max' Style library update - Add the remove save menu options to the Style library

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 82: 27-June-2022

  • EW 1355 Cannot make a user 'not a member' of a project
  • ER 1353 Prompt user with message box when attempting to save a model with the same name as an existing model
  • EW 1350 Strange and inappropriate error message when saving file.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 81: 25-June-2022

  • EW 1352 Asking to save changes before opening a model
  • ER 1349 Make footer larger and increase size of Lumina logo in footer
  • ER 1347 For tall text input with control on left, align title with text area
  • ER 1346 Remove "List" from ACP permissions table
  • ER 1345 Make text input background white (not color of original node)
  • ER 1344 Redo 1332 When using ShowWindow() to switch diagrams, update selected top/side tab
  • ER 1343 Increase the wait time to show a balloon from ~0.5 seconds to 1 second
  • ER 1340 Add drop shadow to help balloon
  • ER 1339 Remove 'Disconnect' and 'Sign out' buttons from Connection Status dialog
  • ER 1338 New 'All', 'None' and 'First only' options for multichoice inputs

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 80: 9-June-2022

  • EW 1337 CellFont(underline:true) doesn't work, bad JSON
  • EW 1334 Green check and red X button show in result graph

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 79: 8-June-2022

  • ER 170 Implement the cell-level formatting feature, CellOnClick.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 78: 7-June-2022

  • ER 1332 When using ShowWindow() to switch diagrams, update selected top/side tab
  • ER 1330 Add '+ Add' button to list editing dialog

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 77: 4-June-2022

  • ER 1329 Get 'Download CSV' working for Edit Tables
  • ER 1328 Show the Download/Copy icon for edit tables
  • ER 1327 Show Index Menus icon for edit tables
  • ER 1325 Get copy from edit table working
  • ER 1324 Change border for selected cell in tables
  • ER 1322 Show help balloon for Tall Nodes

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 76: 26-May-2022

  • ER 1321 When displaying the result table for an Index, make row headers blank
  • ER 1320 New ACP Styles setting "Add_help_menu_option"

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 75: 22-May-2022

  • ER 1319 New ACP Styles Remove_help_menu_options
  • ER 1318 Add [X] button to Connection Status popup
  • ER 1317 Add tooltip for A cube, and show web page when clicked
  • ER 1316 Add “Status” window as option in ? instead of an icon that shows up when you click the “a” cube
  • EW 1315 Cannot see port number completely in Server Connection popup
  • ER 1313 Tool tips for top toolbar elements
  • EW 1312 Tall inputs should not use bold font for title
  • EW 1311 Error message when trying to download Last 1000 Sessions table as csv
  • ER 1309 Change edit table UX for editing cells to double click
  • ER 1308 Update users permissions table

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 74: 11-May-2022

  • EW 1307 Make pasting cells into an edit table work using ctrl+v after a single click on a cell
  • EW 1305 Add a black border or outline to edit table cell when clicked (single click)
  • EW 1304 Get ride of clipboard icon in edit table cells
  • EW 1279 Diagram crash when hierarchy is turned off while using Style library in orphans

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 73: 3-May-2022

  • EW 1303 Error when adding users
  • EW 1299 Can't send email invite
  • EW 1265 ReadBinaryFile doesn't prompt user to upload a file

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 72: 31-Apr-2022

(This build mostly is js code added to implementatons still in progress so we can check it) Add a flag to acpConfig.json for turning off clipboard icon in edit tables

  • EW 1298 PG&E server: Cannot create FileSystemObject error when deleting file.
  • ER 1292 Add a flag to acpConfig.json for turning off clipboard icon in edit tables

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 71: 29-Apr-2022

  • EW 1293 Chrome times out after 60 seconds
  • EW 1288 Suan.exe displays "Accept licensing terms" dialog even though server.config has DesktopUI=0
  • EW 1285 Binary Data terms display incorrectly
  • ER 1283 ER: Limit zooming of diagram
  • ER 1273 Cory: Don't show model model internals when someone clicks Cancel
  • ER 380 ReadBinaryFile() and ReadImageFile() upload capability.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 70: 19-Apr-2022

  • EW 1284 Error in the Chrome developer tools console when using apache auth.
  • EW 1278 Change "auto zoom" ACP Styles setting again "auto_zoom_diagrams: yes" or "auto_zoom_diagrams: no"
  • EW 1264 Edit table's accept and cancel buttons in wrong location
  • EW 1165 Tabs should respond to mouse-over and click
  • EW 1160 Auto Zoom diagram
  • EW 783 Mis-spelled Acpstyle causes diagram not to load
  • Analytica EW 20510 Add Acp styles auto_zoom_diagrams and hide_save_button to the Acp styles library

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 69: 18-Apr-2022

  • EW 1277 Implement hide_save_button ACP Style for Cory
  • EW 1276 Can't go back to the main model from styles library in orphans if top tabs selected.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 68: 17-Apr-2022

  • EW 1272 Change CPS Style for auto zoom and remove acpConfig.json setting for auto zoom.
  • EW 1267 Get OnClick working for top/side tabs

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 67: 15-Apr-2022

  • EW 1271 Add CPS Flag to turn on/off auto zoom feature
  • EW 1270 Add flag to acpConfig.json for turn on/off the ability of reviewers to upload data files
  • EW 1269 Allow reviewers to upload spreadsheets and text files
  • EW 1262 Help balloons inconsistent for icons in Frame nodes
  • EW 1255 Graph/Table icon tooltips position bad part 2

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 66: 12-Apr-2022

  • EW1260 ACP hangs when pressing buttons in Heat Pump model

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 65: 8-Apr-2022

  • EW 1259 Suan.exe won't launch on Server 2012. SetThreadDescription error.
  • EW1258 Inputs/Outputs popup location is off with zooming
  • EW1256 Slicer popup menu location off when zooming
  • EW1255 Graph/Table icon tooltips position bad part 2

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 64: 6-Apr-2022

  • EW 1249 Multiple Suan Server processes for robustness.
  • EW1256 Restart crashed or hung suan processes and do ping check programatically.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 63: 31-Mar-2022

  • EW 1248 Mouse over table/graph highlights title region of frame/tall node
  • EW 1245 Help Balloon tail not correct for Top Tabs
  • EW 1243 Choice popup location bad when control is on right hand side of the diagram
  • EW 1242 Choice popup menu location still bad for choice inputs in embedded edit tables
  • EW 1240 Choice popup in wrong location when located in the bottom of the screen.
  • EW 1236 With nodes located at bottom of diagram, help balloon tail needs to be adjusted
  • EW 1235 Help balloon location is bad with nodes on right or bottom of diagram
  • EW 1233 Auto zoom leaves a wider space than necessary when a non visible module node is present.
  • EW 1218 Graph clicks not working correctly when zoom effect is present

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 62 : 21-Mar-2022

  • 1244 Tab for top diagram doesn't show initially when opening style library from hamburger menu (in this model)
  • EW 1237 Minor typo in tooltips for copy table icon.
  • EW 1235 Help balloon location is bad with nodes on right or bottom of diagram
  • EW 1230 Put a tail on help balloons.
  • ER 1226 Refinement to tooltip for copy/download icon.
  • EW 1223 Choice input popup menu location is incorrect with auto zooming feature
  • EW 1222 Graph zooming not working as desired when autozoom is on
  • EW 1220 Help Balloon location off when diagram is zoomed.
  • ER 1216 Have "auto zoom" feature zoom in and out.
  • ER 1215 Increase right and bottom margins when using autozoom.
  • ER 1213 Have top/side and toolbar tabs show a white background when clicked.
  • EW 1212 side tabs looks bad
  • ER 1207 Implement tab color change on mouse over for side tabs
  • ER 1041 Get blue links to variables working (Fixed as a side effect before build 62).
  • W 911 Blue links to nodes should work or not be blue. (Fixed as a side effect before build 62).

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 61 : 10-Mar-2022

  • EW 1229 Styles library sets show_description: No instead of show_Description: 0
  • EW 1225 ACP styles library has mix-matched settings for defaults, Also residual bad settings for some nodes.
  • EW 1221 Style library from hamburger menu is not presetting styles correctly
  • ER 1209 Change copy/download icon again
  • EW 1208 Tooltip for uncertainty view pulldown menu is not showing useful text
  • ER 1207 Implement tab color change on mouse over for side tabs
  • ER 1204 Have Top/Side tabs change color on mouse hover (top tabs for now)
  • ER 1203 Have toolbar tabs change color when mouse is hovering over them
  • ER 1202 Add tooltip for Uncertainty View selector
  • EW 1201 Copy download graph/table font is too big. And partly covered up
  • ER1200 Add tooltips for table/graph icons
  • ER 1199 Click response for icon buttons
  • EW 1198 Tall Graphs don't show sometimes. Calculations showing continuously in dual interface

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 60 : 8-Mar-2022

  • ER 1199 Click response for icon buttons
  • ER 1197 Add flag to acpConfig.json for turning on or off the new Auto Zoom feature
  • ER 1196 "auto zoom" for diagrams
  • ER 1194 Model's saved should include '.ana' extension
  • EW 1193 Minor layout problem with Model Listing view
  • EW 1192 Borders on Hierarchy Strip are too wide
  • EW 1191 Two_top_tabs or Two_side_tabs cause warning when loading style library
  • EW 1183 Error with 'Download CSV' when there's no row index.
  • EW 1179 Get Download CSV to include row and column headers
  • EW 1177 Don't show 'Download CSV' menu item for atomic result
  • EW 1175 Download csv throws error without column index
  • ER 1161 Change copy icon to a downward pointing arrow

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 59 : 21-Feb-2022

  • EW 1188 Problems with Style Library - Not ready for import, and wrong tabs in top tabs.
  • EW 1173 Copy table buggy behavior with totals and cell fills
  • EW 1171 Incomplete Acpstyle causes blank screen when model is opened
  • EW 1170 Don't show 'ACP Styles Library' menu item when playing an invite.
  • EW 1169 Conflict with identifiers after using ACP styles library from the hamburger menu.
  • EW 1168 Deleting in a list deletes the wrong item
  • ER 1167 Add download CSV capability for tables
  • EW 1163 Row headers missing from copied table
  • EW 1157 User portal still says Release 3.0
  • EW 1128 Bizarre display of numerous nodes on diagram when reloading the style library.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 58

  • ER 1155 Get SkipLogin working when using firebase
  • EW 1154 Can't hover over description bubble to use hyperlinks
  • EW 1153 Hyperlink not displaying correctly in ACP Help Balloon (Markup)
  • EW 1150 Turn off spell check red underline in Save as box
  • EW 1004 Change password accepts password after new password does not match.
  • EW 434 ACP Top Tabs Style Prevents swapping between graph & table views
  • EW 433 Stuck in Object window when using Top Tabs ACP

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 57

  • EW 1147Error when adding styles library from hamburger menu
  • EW 1137 LaunchEvite.ana has an error at load time.
  • EW 1111 Index menus icon overlaps the accept/cancel icons
  • ER1107 Move acpConfig.js settings to a text file
  • EW 1064 Model with proactive eval run at load time and AskMsgChoice() doesn't open with evite
  • EW 911 Blue links to nodes should work or not be blue

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 56

  • ER 1136 Add Copy Graph for embedded graphs
  • ER 1135 Add new flag to acpConfig.json for showing copy table button
  • EW 1133 Suan process crashes with Anagram
  • EW 1132 Problem with special characters in Publish to cloud
  • EW 866 Don’t show [Calc] button while computing tall node
  • EW 196 Edit tables and result tables should show a "Copy table" button, same as ACP1.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 55

  • EW 1129 Don't show 'Orphans' in Hierarchy Stripe when displaying Styles diagram
  • EW 1126 Some problems with displaying and saving special characters
  • ER 1123 With users set to not email addresses, Change cue text to say add users, not email addresses
  • ER 1118 Don't show green check or red x buttons when edit table has proactivelyevaluate set to 16
  • ER 1114 Move add ACP Styles menu items from help menu to hamburger menu

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 54

  • EW 1124 Change js code to use full path when calling AddModuleOrLibrary
  • EW 1122 Fly-in and toggle table/graph icons should only appear on mouse over
  • EW 1119 Toggle to graph icon present in edit table frame node
  • EW 1113 Add flag for showing the add ACP Styles menu item(s)

Builds 52-53 are for using Apache authentication with windows passwords. No Firebase option

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 53

  • EW 1102 When I sign in Suan account model throws uninformative errors.
  • EW 1100 Turn off email validation when using apache auth

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 52

  • ER 1103 Remove the change password link from the Account tab
  • ER 1099 Remove 'Sign out' menus from ACP when using apache auth.
  • ER 1096 Add a way for turning off the Email Invites in the ACP Portal.
  • ER 1095 With apache/windows auth, get users name to show up in toolbar.

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 51

  • EW 1089 You can't change the value of a slicer in some edit and result tables on ACP.
  • EW 1085 Diagram crashes on opening
  • EW 1083 Diagram crashes when changing navigation style
  • ER 1081 Add toggle table/graph button for tables and graphs in top/side tabs
  • EW 1079 Table in side tabs should have 8px margin on right, left and bottom sides

Fixed or implemented in ACP 3.1 build 50

  • EW 1077 Top and side borders wrong in object, table, graph views for side tabs
  • EW 1074 Table doesn't look good in side tabs
  • EW 1073 Result table too big when using Top tabs
  • EW 1072 Role in Project pulldown in the Subscription Administration project is disabled
  • EW 1071 Come up with a way to turn off "self sign up" on a dedicated customer server.
  • EW 1068 Footer on sign in page should appear below the sign in form
  • ER 1065 Add Organization/Group name next to Project name in top teal toolbar
  • EW 1063 Add 8px white margin on rhs of diagram when using Outline (default) navigation style
  • ER 1062 Reduce white gap above outline and acp1 tabs to 8px
  • ER 1058 Adjust the margin at the top of the ACP diagram.
  • ER 1055 Change ACPStyle show_tabs to show_toolbar.
  • EW 1053 Multichoice menu doesn’t close if you click on another variable
  • EW 1051 Balloon goes off the edge of the diagram
  • EW 1050 Cannot proactively evaluate choice selections inside a table in ACP
  • EW 1048 Characters with accents and chinese characters not displaying correctly when model is uploaded via DTA Publish to Cloud
  • EW 1046 Bulleted lists look bad in ACP after publishing to cloud
  • EW 1038 balloonText not acknowledged in ACP3
  • Ew 1032 MultiChoice should display «None» when there's nothing selected
  • EW 995 Graph too wide when using side tabs
  • ER 908 Hierarchy bar should include top level module name in non-tab views.
  • EW 781 Balloon contents overlap the edge of the diagram
  • EW 509 Help balloon goes off the bottom of the diagram

A list of EW issues - Bugs or Enhancements - that were fixed or implemented in the most recent ACP build

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.45 (same as release 3.0)

  • EW 1067 Remove beta from login page.
  • EW 1066 Unminimized javascript visible in Chrome Developers tools
  • ER 1044 Remove add_scroll_bars from library and wiki
  • ER 1043 Stop showing message box when someone clicks on blue link text in a table
  • EW 1040 Hierarchy strip is a pixel or two too wide
  • ER 1039 Make help menu forms (a) all dialogs have the same width, and (b) have a consistent top location, so that changes would affect only the length/height.
  • ER 1034 Add new Help menu icon to the left of the Close menu icon in top toolbar
  • ER 1033 Change wording on tech support form
  • EW 1029 Tweak uneven margins for graphs in top tabs
  • EW 1028 Add margin to tables shown in top tabs w/o frame/tall node
  • EW 1027 Footer with logos not visible viewing result in top tabs
  • EW 1024 Graph autoscale (zoom out) hover icon not working for comparison variables.
  • EW 1023 Wrong index menus view. Similar to 1006.
  • EW 1020 Graph goes blank after an OnClick event
  • EW 1015 Units not showing in Tall Nodes
  • EW 1003 Delete Project button in wrong location.
  • EW 966 Result table takes a long time to display result.
  • ER 920 Report issue dialog and result

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.44

  • EW 1017 Styles Lib preview, show title not working in preview.
  • EW 1016 'Show_title: no' does not work with tall result tables.
  • EW 1007 Crash when evaluating empty string for text only input node.
  • EW 1006 Odd presentation of index menus - mix matched.
  • ER 1000 Make last item in Hierarchy Stripe bold.
  • EW Diagram crashes when changing Nav styles.
  • ER 913 Make Diagram tooltab go to parent diagram and eliminate parent button.
  • ER 816 Implement framenode ACP styles for variables.

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.43

  • ER 998 Put Outline in rounded rectangle
  • EW 997 In Airplane NLP model, the outliner indentation is missing for items with long title
  • EW 990 Form for adding users has significant layout problems
  • EW 989 Outliner Scroll bar overlaps the Analytica logo
  • EW 987 Can't see the entire email invite ui
  • EW 986 ACP1 tabs should not wrap when window is narrow
  • EW 984 ACP Change password ui is unresponsive
  • EW 978 Show title:no also hides uncertainty view menu and table_graph/index_menus icons
  • ER 696 Some outline view issues. A couple bugs and some ER's
  • ER 594 Put Outline in rounded rectangle and many more

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.42

  • EW994 Graph size off when using Side Tabs with Use Top Diagiam Size
  • EW 983 Style library does not show when I think it should
  • EW 974 Parenthesis showing on models' diagram
  • EW 973 Don’t show scrollbars when not needed
  • ER 972 Show description of Module in balloon on mouseover of tab.
  • ER 968 Tabs across the top should be fitted across the diagram, not the browser window width
  • ER 967 When using show_title:no and no other graph header ui, graph fills entire frame/tall node
  • ER 965 Some issues I had with the acp admin folder and suan account admin model.
  • EW 961 Small gap at between graph and bottom of tall node. There should be no gap.
  • EW 960 Excessive gap between graph and title in Tall Node
  • EW 955 White area below Graph tab present, but should be gray.
  • EW 953 Can't see the bottom of a graph in ACP1 Graph tab.
  • ER 828 Analytica branding in ACP

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.41

  • EW 964 Email address reported as not valid
  • EW 963 Delete User is poorly conceived. Problematic
  • EW 962 The Privileges table clips
  • EW 956 ACP tabs not visible in Navigation style side tabs - when the style is show_tabs:yes.
  • EW 811 Show_title should work for Tall node as well as Frame
  • EW 780 Table in Tall node doesn't use entire width
  • ER 530 DB change for Add/Remove project permissions

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.40

  • EW 952 Can't change file name in Save As... dialog
  • EW 951 Gray outline showing through the glow hover highlight on mouseover.
  • EW 949 Text input for some inputs have a thick 2 pixel border, but should be only 1 px
  • ER 946 Minor enhancement to text input boxes when they have focus.
  • EW 945 Scroll bars not visible or only partially visible
  • ER 942 Change appearance of "You are about to timeout" message box.
  • EW 940 Model tab should read "Main"
  • EW 939 Issues with navigation_style:two_top_tabs
  • EW 938 Module node doesn't show on top diagram when module tabs are on.
  • EW 937 Units showing above tall tables/graphs
  • EW 874 Subtable with single text cell should not show as table in tall node
  • EW 678 Getting stuck in a tab/diagram
  • EW 472 Result does not show in top tabs style without frame node/tall node

(build 35-39 failed the acceptance test - including the fixes in these builds here)

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.39

(Note: this build failed the acceptance test)

  • ER 936 Don't show text selection mouse pointer when using Close Menu
  • ER 935 Give visual feedback when a formnode button is clicked.
  • EW 932 Zoom selects wrong axis range
  • EW 931 Crash when changing tabs
  • EW 930 ACP diagram layout not quite the same as DTA
  • EW 929 Screen shows scroll bars when not needed
  • EW 928 ACP Crashes - goes to blank screen
  • EW 927 Unnecessary scroll bar in single cell input
  • EW 925 Result in frame node Very slow to show results, and then redisplays the results multiple times
  • ER 922 Sort projects pulldown menu alphabetically
  • ER 918 Make border thinner for Module nodes
  • ER 914 Save model as dialog should be same style as Message box dialog.
  • ER 909 Change defaults for show_uncertainty_view
  • ER 906 Implement cloudplayerstyle show_index_menus:fly-in for framenodes and tall nodes.
  • EW 905 Wrong pivot in the Horizontal axis menu
  • EW 901 Choice input menu with blank option selected is too short, ARC
  • EW 899 Text inputs in ARC model have tiny scrollbars
  • EW 898 Tall edit tables that are subtables do not display as automatically, and they are not embedded.
  • EW 890 White screen after closing optimizer model after OptStatusText evaluation
  • EW 856 Z-level of nodes wrong
  • ER 823 Change to show_index_menus:no ACP style setting "Show slicer indexes by default even when Show_index: No.
  • ER 822 Add ACP style Show_index_menus: Not_even_slicers.
  • EW 760 Can't view result graph for scalar chance variable.
  • EW 747 Add support for Show_uncertainty_view: no/yes for individual nodes
  • ER 309 Hide index menus above tables/graphs in Tall nodes

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.38

(Note: this build failed the acceptance test)

  • EW 895 Pivot table doesn't work, body cells not updating.
  • EW 887 Tech support (or report issue) from Email invite gives white screen
  • EW 886 Restart ACP from Email invite gives web socket error
  • ER 870 When you enter text into a field and press enter, you need to use the mouse to enter replacement info.
  • EW 861 Respect Z-order for Frame and other nodes
  • EW 853 ARC -Choice menu control is too narrow - Unusable
  • EW 850 Problem with inputs/inputs in ARC model
  • EW 466 Suan.exe crashes (vanishes) at model load with a model from guidehouse
  • EW 353 Weird view while starting a model

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.37

(Note: this build failed the acceptance test)

  • EW 891 Tall result tables exceed bottom border.
  • EW 852 Embedded tall subtable has too many titles
  • ER 821 New ACP style option: Show_graph_table_icon: No.
  • ER 812 Put empty Index for pivoter menus as last not first
  • ER 808 Don't show balloon description for Frame or tall node when it is already showing its description.
  • EW 807 Show description doesn’t work for Tall nodes

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.36

(Note: this build failed the acceptance test)

  • EW 883 Save as dialog has transparent background, but should not.
  • EW 882 Significant problem with tall nodes in build 35.
  • EW 876 show_as_tab: No doesn’t work (for non - top diagram modules)
  • EW 865 Close model after Save model gives blank screen
  • EW 720 Very slow or crash when displaying a large table

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.35

(Note: this build failed the acceptance test)

  • ER 879 Don't show quotes for cells that are specified as text only format.
  • EW 878 Server crash when you select an item in a tall node choice list.
  • EW 877 Message box appears on DTA desktop when it shouldn't in dual-interface mode.
  • EW 875 Table shows diagonal lines across cells
  • ER 874 Subtable with single text cell should not show as table in tall node
  • EW 873 Multichoice button is not the same width as in DTA
  • EW 869 Multichoice won’t accept selections if you click below, above, or to the left of the menu
  • EW 848 Bottom of graph cut off in ACP1 tabs
  • EW 846 pivoters start to show at the top of a frame node when they should not
  • EW 845 Background color for pivoters / slicers is gray when should be transparent in tall edit table
  • ER 844 Implement show_index_menus: yes/no for the model's top level CPS
  • EW 793 Changes to ShowHier not showing in ACP3
  • EW 680 Can't pivot a result table.
  • EW Table header slides up to the top of the diagram.
  • ER 642 Add help / support info e.g.
  • ER 294 A tall multichoice user input node should display as a list selection.

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.34

  • ER 872 Implement Save as
  • EW 849 Pivoters and slicers missing above table when viewed in ACP1 tabs
  • ER 841 Adjust margins for tall and frame node tables based on corner radius.
  • EW 840 For tall nodes and frame node, give graphs rounded bottom corners that match the tall/frame nodes
  • EW 839 Debug MsgBox appears in List edit, says key=4, and changed doesn't take.
  • EW 827 Non-parsing JSON during Graph in TXC
  • ER 819 Icon buttons in Tall and Frame nodes appear on mouse-over
  • EW 814 Bottom border of tall node is a bit thin when showing graph
  • EW 809 Expand consistent margins around Graph, Table, and Object views in Frame
  • ER 806 Replace Fly-in indexes pivoter with simply showing/hiding indexes
  • ER 804 Make node shadows smaller
  • EW 803 Description shows ‘0’ when ‘No’ in Frame node with Graph
  • EW 802 Model title not showing in teal top banner
  • EW 798 Graph is greyed out after mouse-over.
  • EW 786 Model name is truncated when it doesn't need to be
  • EW 498 JSON did not parse error during edit table
  • EW 194 Result tables don't yet have Slicer totals.
  • ER 153 Session timeout

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.33

  • EW 792 Add toggle table/graph icon Tall output nodes
  • ER 791 Change icon in ACP1 tabs for result table.
  • EW 777 Tall table not showing slicer
  • EW 776 Pivoter background color for tall graphs should not be gray
  • ER 775 ER for showing pivoters for Tall result graphs
  • ER 773 Spec for showing pivoters/slicers in frame and tall nodes. And ACP1 tabs.
  • EW 766 Inconsistent display of description in frame nodes.
  • EW 738 Graphs re-render many times, slow
  • EW 669 Frame node not showing description for edit table

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.32

  • ER 772 Don't show row pivoter in frame nodes or tall nodes (unless "show_index_menus: yes" is set).
  • ER 770 Add 8 pixel margin around table in ACP1 tabs
  • EW 768 Column pivoter not aligned with left edge of first column
  • EW 767 Fly in pivoters visible above tall result graph. It should not be.
  • EW 764 Empty help balloon appearing on tall node
  • ER 759 Make tall node titles bold
  • EW 758 "fly in" pivoters box not aligned correctly
  • ER 757 No hover highlight for Tall Nodes
  • EW 756 Scroll bar appears when hovering over last column header in table
  • ER 755 Tall node titles should be left aligned with table's left edge and bold
  • EW 754 Can't close MultiChoice popup in table cell.
  • ER 742 Don’t show Origin index or make it work
  • EW 741 Clicking on this list button goes to a white screen. Can't get back into the model
  • EW 735 Can't publish model to cloud which contains Style library
  • EW 721 Sorting doesn’t work for Checkboxes and Choice menus.
  • EW 683 show_index_menus is not working (w/spec)
  • EW 665 Graph hover icons appear in the wrong place.
  • EW 557 Publish to cloud will not upload large models

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.31

  • ER 745 Change Close menu for clarity.
  • ER 744 Complete cleanup of Table outer border
  • EW 743 Button shows content beneath it on hover.
  • EW 740 'All' in choice list does not stick when selected.
  • ER 730 Support «All» option for Slicers
  • EW 708 Embedded object view exceeds frame node boundaries

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.30

  • ER 739 Selection and hoverhighlight colors.
  • ER 737 Formnodes with fill should show hover highlight outside of nodes' border.
  • ER 734 Change hover highlight for input/output nodes.
  • ER 733 Make table margins for frame/tall nodes equal to the corner radius of the frame/tall node.
  • ER 731 Slicer pulldowns column-wrap when they should not.
  • ER 729 Fill and borders for row index cell (and column index cell) (part 2)
  • EW 725 Wrong cursor icon
  • EW 723 User inputs that are atomic elements of a subtable show expression “Subtable(.” rather than the number or text value expected.
  • ER 717 Put units to left of the the Uncertainty view menu
  • ER 716 White margin between the table border and the Frame border
  • EW 715 Bottom corners of table overlap rounded frame corners
  • EW 713 Icons in input/output nodes not centered vertically, but should be
  • EW 712 Bottom corner of frame node borders missing in Portfolio Planner when graph is showing in frame node
  • EW 710 Graph in Frame Node too tall initially
  • EW 708 Embedded object view exceeds frame node boundaries
  • EW 707 Labels for formnodes are not showing up.
  • EW 695 Frame border gets thinner where the graph is.
  • EW 655 Square graph corners extend outside of rounded framenode corners.
  • ER 609 Don't use reverse video for selected nodes, use gray

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.29

  • EW 704 UI Crashes when clicking on input in the object window
  • EW 703 Stray curly bracket on the change password page
  • EW 702 Need to log playing of eVites
  • EW 699 Insufficient read access to folder
  • ER 673 Change required by May 2021. (NPM - javascript update)
  • ER 528 Open model in ACP after publishing
  • EW 514 Changes in edit table don't stick when you go to other tab.

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.28

  • EW 698 On large table, part of scroll bar is being clipped i.e. not visible.
  • EW 697 White gap at bottom of object window.
  • EW 693 More Table Layout Style changes
  • EW 692 WebSocket connection drops
  • EW 691 Click on UDF should go to Object window
  • ER 690 Change toggle to graph icon
  • EW 689 No vertical scrollbar in object window
  • EW 688 Tall output nodes should have margin on top and rhs of title
  • ER 687 Object window option in Att_FrameNodeShowing
  • EW 684 When adding new users, email subject is 'Invitation to Suan'.
  • ER 681 Sortable table columns
  • ER 666 Change attribute identifier to AcpStyles
  • ER 654 Move Row pivot control to table corner cell.
  • EW 647 Spreadsheetopen() with undefined showdialog attribute is acting as if the attribute was 'false'
  • EW 627 Graph in tall nodes is not centered horizontally
  • EW 604 SysVar AnalyticaEdition needs a tweak.
  • EW 585 Suan shows graph when it should show table
  • EW 576 ACP3 version shows doesn't show correct cell number formats (%, $ sign)
  • EW 556 Cell-level number format not reflected in table.
  • EW 531 Remove "Group name" from email sent when adding user to project
  • ER 517 Syntax coloring for definitions
  • EW 398 Input nodes show wrong number format
  • EW 387 Problem pivoting prob bands table
  • EW 141 Some input titles are missing in Daylight Analyzer example model
  • EW 68 The number format for a table index doesn't match DTA
  • EW 44 Click on node opens graph, should be result table.
  • EW 15 User text box input has wrong number format - .06 instead of 6.00%

Fixed or implemented n Build 0.27

  • EW 672 JavaScript crash on fontSize
  • EW 671 ACAP model not using correct font
  • EW 670 Graph/Table hover icon needs higher Z-order.
  • EW 668 Scrollbar in tall edit table should be adjacent to the table
  • EW 664 Crash after viewing frame node graph and re-opening model.
  • EW 663 Frame node not defined yet, and FrameNode not working
  • ER 662 Graphing roles could be arranged into multiple columns when the view is wide enough.
  • ER 660 Change module icon in Outline view
  • ER 659 Clean up of Table design
  • EW 658 Selection bubble for Output & Input nodes are different size
  • ER 657 No node hover for Frame Node objects
  • ER 656 No need for "Edit Table of" in the title of edit tables
  • EW 648 Framenode is not showing results dup 663
  • EW 646 Make text node and frame node borders look the same.
  • EW 641 Glitchy table header artifact appears on embedded table.
  • EW 635 ACP not consuming available browser space.
  • EW 617 Nodes' font is lost when going to Object window and then back to diagram.
  • EW 592 The rightmost tab “Model details” goes off the right side.
  • EW 559 Forgot password not working in publish to cloud
  • ER 535 Reduce the number of registry keys needed to publish to a non '' server.

Fixed or implemented in Build 0.26

  • ER 640: Add SuanAssets reg key
  • EW 639: There should be a gap between top tabs and teal banner, but there is not sometimes
  • ER 638: Change default for "show_model_title"
  • ER 634: libXl error: Marshalled for a different thread
  • ER 633: Implement "Show_uncertainty_view: no" CPS flag
  • ER 632: Change name of CPS flag "Hide_uncertainty_view: no" to "Show_uncertainty_view: yes"
  • ER 631: Make Text and FrameNode borders the same
  • EW 630: Spreadsheetopen(filename) with the filename being an existing file does not appear to be working to spec.
  • ER 628: Implement consistent margins in graphs
  • ER 637: Graph in tall nodes is not centered horizontally
  • ER 623: Model doesn't open to diagram. Suan.exe session crash.
  • EW 603: Allow addition of 'Not a member' users to other projects.
  • EW 599: DTA not recognizing ACP licenses
  • ER 575: Configure Proactive User Outputs breaks with upstream change
  • ER 535: Reduce the number of registry keys needed to publish to a non '' server
  • EW 516: Problem switch from edit table to result or graph tab
  • EW 366: Edit tables and results don't display automatically

Fixed or implemented n Build 0.25

  • ER 623: Make text nodes and frame nodes have rounded corners
  • EW 622: Output node "Calc/Result" buttons using the wrong font
  • EW 621: Tall text input nodes not showing Title when they should be
  • EW 620: Text inputs not using node font style when they should
  • EW 619: Input node button labels not using diagram/node font styles
  • EW 618: Choice input pulldown not using correct font.
  • EW 616: Unable to upload models
  • EW 611: User output value is not in the custom font
  • EW 604: SysVar AnalyticaEdition needs a tweak
  • ER 595: Reduce white space between tabs and top teal band
  • ER 591: When loading model, show a progress bar
  • EW 582: Choice inputs should use the diagram or node font settings.
  • EW 542: Don’t show model internals while loading
  • ER 437: Remove RT and UI from top stripe in release
  • EW 420: Weird diagram appears while starting up a model
  • ER 413: ShowProgressBar not implemented yet

Fixed or implemented n Build 0.24

  • ER 615: Cloud Platform Styles flag "Hide_uncertainty_view: no"
  • ER 614: If a variable is showing Mid view, then the uncertainty selector does not show - same as in Acp1.
  • EW 613: Clicking on FrameNode should not show object window or error message.
  • ER 612: Can't add/append/insert/delete/reorder elements in a list
  • EW 610: Server process crash, in graphing code (Ecoplexus).
  • EW 606: Some problems with Tall edit tables, affects transdev. Pivoters / slicers showing when they should not. Gray background in header area. Table exceeds node borders at the bottom.
  • EW 605: Server-side memory leak with tables.
  • EW 602: SpreadsheetOpen/Close (Transdev)
  • ER 598: Tweaks to input/outputs popup that appears when clicking on left/right side of nodes.
  • ER 593: Don’t show units for user input/output arrays.
  • ER 590: Highlight node on mouse-over enhancements.
  • ER 587: Make rotating cube wait view smaller.
  • EW 581: Undefined nodes should not show object window and should show an error when clicked
  • ER 579: Change ACP page title from "Analytica Cloud Platform" to simply "Analytica".
  • EW 547: Diagram with two Frame nodes doesn’t always work
  • EW 545: Uncertainty view should be to the right of Title for Graphs (as for Tables).
  • EW 543: Error message on model load

Fixed or implemented n Build 0.23

  • EW 566 Transdev: Warning message goes off the bottom of the canvas - can't read it all and can't close it
  • EW 558 Text node title a little too large
  • EW 551 Glitch on right end of Show hierarchy bar
  • EW 550 Default font size and align Title of Text node same as Title in Graph or Table in Frame
  • EW 548 Make description text in graph/table left aligned with Title above it.
  • EW 546 Text node border too thick
  • EW 544 Table view overlaps top of Frame node
  • EW 537 Signin: Bad message shown to user when email address without password is used with 'Get a new password'
  • EW 536 Odd message presented to user when closing google sign in popup
  • EW 533 After setting up group account, user doesn't exist.
  • EW 512 Multichoice popup does not disappear when clicking on the diagram background

Fixed or implemented n Build 0.22'

  • EW 529 After creating a new group account, user could not add projects.
  • EW 527 Some eVites don't play.
  • EW 526 Enforce file permissions when launching an eVite.
  • EW 525 Update message shown to user when user is unable to establish a connection.
  • EW 506 Text with extended characters entered into text box control corrupt.
  • ER 505 An EMF image (in a picture node) does not display.
  • ER 504 Error during query **TO DO** displays.
  • ER 239 REST method handlers.
  • ER 149 Support "Publish to cloud..."

Fixed or implemented n Build 0.21

  • EW 503 Output node result text not aligned correctly
  • EW 502 Invite email says "Analytica Cloud Player" in body
  • EW 501 When playing invite, "Signin skipped" appears in toolbar, but should not.
  • EW 500 Show less options on "Close Menu" when viewing invite.
  • EW 497 Text node titles not using correct font in some cases.
  • EW 496 Problem viewing Exceedance Probably results.
  • ER 495 Re-enable file functions. [Read|Write][Text|Binary|Export|Image]File() functions
  • EW 494 Control near top is clipped.
  • ER 492 Built-in file functions should only allow access to your own project folder.
  • EW 491 Graph slicer not working initially in Cory's So Cal Gas model.
  • EW 490 Big problem with indexes that are dates.
  • EW 489 Cory: Te1299802109 does not center on the ACP diagram though it does on the desktop.
  • EW 488 Cory: Therm_Savings_by_Wav shows up as a table rather than a graph, and shows statistics rather than the desktop selection of probability density.
  • EW 487 Cory: Input/Output Node colors are different than in the desktop model,
  • EW 486 Cory: Historical_Savings1, HDD_Data, HDD_Data, HDD_Coeff_Data_to_In input does not show the inputs at all when evaluated.
  • EW 485 Cory: Svgs_Delta_Dist_due_ , Second_Year_Program_ , Second_Year_Program_, Therm_cust_savings_a (and probably some others in the diagrams I haven’t checked) show up as a table even though graph was selected in desktop model.
  • EW 484 Cory: HDD_Lognormal shows up as a probability distribution (in a table) even though Mid (and a graph)
  • EW 482 Cory: Statistics don’t change on graph for Therm_Savings_by_Wav.
  • EW 480 Cory: Result for Total_Forecast_Savin does not display when output node is clicked.
  • EW 479 Max: For bare icon (and icon) input/output button style, icon is not vertically centered.
  • ER 476 Make background above table gray when using ACP1 tabs.
  • EW 471 Max: Table rows with no data are too short
  • ER 382 The WriteTextFile( ) function displays a file selector dialog on the server, causing the application to apparently lock up.

Fixed or implemented n Build 0.20

  • EW 478 - The black border around a selected button of an output node was mis-aligned and showed as 2 odd looking lines.
  • ER 475 - Some style changes to Graph Tooltip.
  • ER 474 - Some style changes to Message boxes.
  • ER 473 - Added support for Distribution input nodes showing icons button style.
  • ER 470 - A couple changes to table style. White background header and moved the View Selector pulldown to the right side.
  • EW 469 -Text input fields, change to Use default model font, not fixed width.
  • EW 468 - Diagram showing wrong font for nodes.
  • ER 465 - Include the Rent vs Buy example model when an Individual account is first created.
  • ER 464 - The shading around each button is too contrasty.
  • EW 415 - Choice nodes are too tall.