Uploading Example Models

Here's how to upload an image (e.g. a photo or screenshot) or an example Analytica model:

1. You must have a Wiki login ID with edit permission. If you don't, contact wiki@lumina.com. Select the "log in" link in the top-right corner to log in.

2. Select the Upload file link in the Tools dropdown in the top menu.

  • ClickBrowse.. to find the model file on your computer. If it's an Analytica model, its file extension should be "."
  • Enter a meaningful destination file name not likely to already be in use, (with no directory). Remember this name, you'll need it later.
  • Fill in the summary box and mention your name as the contributor.
  • Check "Watch" if you want to be notified if anyone else updates it.
  • Click the Upload button.
  • If it warns that "This file type is not an image extension", just ignore it and proceed.

3. Into Example Models, enter a short summary of the model (e.g 1-5 lines), with a link to let people download the model:

[[Media:file.ana]] direct link -> Media:file.ana, or
[[Media:file.ana|My Model]] direct link with descriptive link text -> My Model, or
[[Image:file.ana]] indirect link -> File:File.ana

where file.ana is the destination filename you entered in Step 2. If you have a detailed description, add a link using this syntax

[[Examples:My Model Title]]

where My Model Title is the descriptive title of your model. Include this link in your summary.

4. Preview, and then Submit changes you made to the Example Models. Then, if you also included a summary link, it should appear in red initially (since no such page yet exists). Click on that and add your detailed description of the model. Here you can go crazy, from a few brief comments to an in-depth tour with screenshots.

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