List Box variation

It would be nice to have an option that displays all the selections directly on the dialog, so the user doesn't have to click on the popup to see them. A list-box control would work nicely for this, and would accomodate long lists of items with a scroll bar.

There might also be an option to eliminate the OK and Cancel buttons, such that a click on an item would both select it and terminate the dialog.

The list box paradigm would also generalize to a multi-select control (as another variation).

Would it be better to enable the list box variation with additional parameters to this function, or would it be better to introduce a second function, something like AskMsgListBox?

-- Lonnie

CombBox idea vs AskMsgText

The comboBox variation that I proposed seems like a slight variation on the straight AskMsgChoice pulldown; however, one could also view this as a slight variation on AskMsgText -- basically AskMsgText as it already exists, except with an extra "suggestions" parameter that would display as the combo popup choices.

If we want that option, would it be better to enhance AskMsgText and leave AskMsgChoice as a straight popup control? Or better to have a third function, AskMsgComboBox?

-- Lonnie


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