New to Analytica 5.1

The legacy release number that pseudo-random sequences and random samples should match. The value is integer equal to:

major * 10K + minor * 100 + patch

Such as 50017 for release 5.0.17.

Occasionally improved algorithms are discovered and implemented in newer Analytica releases, but these may alter the exact pseudo-random sequence of numbers. You may want your Monte Carlo simulations to produce the same random sequence as in an earlier release, in which case this should be set to that release number.

If you don't need this level of reproducibility with a legacy release and instead prefer to always use the best, fastest algorithm in whichever release you are using, then you can set this to 999999.

The smallest accepted value is 50000 (for consistency with release 5.0). Earlier releases aren't an option since this was first introduced in Analytica 5.1.


You've just loaded your model into Analytica 5.1, but you want the Monte Carlo samples to be the same as in Analytica 5.0. To change this, open the Typescript Window by pressing F12 and type:


You should change this before evaluating any distribution functions.


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