Pending Analytica 4.0 Issues

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This page list some open issues in Analytica 4.0 that we are already aware of. Only issues present in the most current beta build are included here. For issues that were present in previous beta builds that have since been fixed Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes. Not all known issues are listed here - this listing is restricted to issues we believe beta testers are most likely to encounter.

Before taking the time to submit a bug report, please review this page to see if it is already a known issue.

Submit bug reports via email to (see instructions on Beta Tester Page#Submitting_A_Bug_Report). If you simply edit this page, we may not notice your bug report. Also, in the interest of conciseness, this page does not contain the details required of a bug report.

The bugs are organized by category.


  • Revised updates for the Analytica manuals (User Guide, Tutorial, Optimizer) has not yet been included with the installer. These are still the 3.1 manuals. Revision of these manuals is in-progress. Refer to the Wiki for documentation on new features.


  • Uninstalling Analytica 3.x after Analytica 4.0 has been installed removes the registry keys for Analytica 4.0, and thus requires a re-install of Analytica 4.0. (Since the problem is with the Analytica 3.x installer, it is not known whether this can be fixed).

Computational Engine



  • There are currently numerous problems with Printing and Print Previewing. We don't recommend using these functionalities yet, and bug reports in this area are unnecessary at this time.



Crash Recovery

  • If an abnormal termination of Analytica (e.g., crash, power outage, etc) occurs after embedding or linking an external module or library, and before you've saved your model, some problems occur recovering changes after the crash. Recommend saving your model immediately after you've added a module or library, and not rely on crash recovery. With embedded modules, the problems have to do with some definitions not getting parsed after recovery (which you can remedy using Definition → Show Invalid Variables). In addition to that, modules added as linked end up being embedded after recovery.

Example Models


ADE Specific


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