Normal p1 p2

New in Analytica 6.0

Normal_p1_p2( q1, q2, p1, p2 )

This distribution function found in the Distribution Variations library defines a Normal distribution given any two percentile estimates. «q1» and «q2» are the percentile estimates, and «p1» and «p2» specify which percentiles these are. It must be that [math]\displaystyle{ q1\lt q2 }[/math] and [math]\displaystyle{ p1\lt p2 }[/math].

For example, given that the 5% percentile is 5 and the 25% percentile is 8, the distribution is

Normal_p1_p2( 5, 8, 5%, 25% ) → Normal p1 p2 ex1.png

As with other distribution functions, you can also use this distribution in the function Random.


To use this function, you must first use Add Library to add the Distribution Variations Library to your model.

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