Lets-Encrypt Certificate

Install a free lets-encrypt certificate with win-acme

These instructions are meant to be used while installing ACP.

  • The instructions are from on this page with a couple minor changes. This page has screenshots also.

If you get an error error about the http listener already in use, try rebooting and installing the certificate again. It may be because a domain was mis-pelled.

Step 1: Log in with RDP into Windows Server
Step 2: Download Let’s Encrypt client. Visit the website of Win-acme to download the latest version. Get the x64 pluggable archive. Extract the downloaded zip to C:\win-acme.
Step 3: Create a batch file with the following command and save it to C:\win-acme\Scripts\RestartApache.bat net stop "Apache2.4" & sc start "Apache2.4"
Step 4: In an elevated command prompt CD into the C:\win-acme folder and start wacs.exe.
Step 5: Issue certificate

  • Choose Create certificate with full options - Enter M in the command prompt and enter
  • When prompted for how the domain names will be included, Choose manual input 2 - and enter
  • Enter the domain name you want for the certificate e.g. acp.analytica.com and enter
  • When prompted for a friendly name either enter one or leave it blank and then enter
  • When prompted how you want to verify you are the owner of the domain, enter the number for Save files on local or network path
  • It should then prompt for the root of the site - assuming your Apache install is in the default location enter C:\Apache24\htdocs
  • When prompted to Copy default web config? enter N no
  • When prompted for type of private key - enter the option for RSA
  • When prompted how you would like to store the certificate enter the option for PEM encoded files (Apache, nginx, etc.)
  • Next at the prompt for where the certificates are stored enter C:\Apache24\conf
  • When prompted to store the certificate in another way too? enter the number for No additional store steps.
  • When prompted for more steps to update your application, enter the number for Start external script or program
  • It will ask for the path to the program, enter C:\win-acme\Scripts\RestartApache.bat
  • Next it prompt you enter the parameter format string for the script - enter {StoreType} {StorePath} {RenewalId}
  • Next when it asks Add another installation step? enter the number for No.
  • Next the path to the terms of service is shown, do you want to open in the default application? Choose nunless you want to see it
  • Do you agree with the terms? Select yes
  • Next it will ask for an email address for notifications - enter one if you want to receive notifications
  • Do you want to specify the user the task will run as? enter yes
  • Enter the user - enter a username
  • Then enter the user's password
  • You should be done, Quit.

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