Intro screen

New to Analytica 5.0


The intro screen displays when you first start Analytica, or when you close the model you are working on. It provides several shortcuts, including:

  • Search the Analytica Wiki: A text box at the top. Type something here and press enter to search the Analytica Wiki. The search result opens in a web browser.
  • Recent Models: Models you have recently opened. Click on one to open, or hover to see its description and file path.
  • Blank model: Click to start a new model.
  • Analytica Tutorial: Jump to the Analytica Tutorial (in a browser window). This is the place to start learning how to use Analytica.
  • Open Model: Open an existing model. A file selector dialog opens, where you can find the file you want to open.
  • Several example models: Rent vs. Buy example, Bond model, Enterprise model, Project portfolio planner, Txc risk analysis. Hover over each of these to see a description of the model.
  • More example models: Opens a file selector to the Example Models directory, which itself contains subdirectories of model categories.

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