Internal:User Guide Screenshots

Review Process

The User Guide screenshots are not as straight forward as the Tutorial screenshots. Thus it is a more challenging task for Renee, and it will require close review to ensure the screenshots are done properly.

  • Screenshot Status NA - Not applicable i.e. somebody checked and decided no action required for this item.
  • Screenshot Status ToDo - Not started. Renee will check this category to see what she needs to do. Also she will put place holders there for screenshots that need to be done as a reminder to herself, and so Fred and Richard can see what still needs to be done.
  • Screenshot Status RIP - Renee In Progress, but not yet completed. Renee should also mention how far along she is and when she expects to be finished.
  • Screenshot Status FR - Renee has completed the screenshots, now its time for Fred to Review them. Of course, Richard or anybody else can also look at them at this point if he wants.
  • Screenshot Status RF - Renee fix. So here the screenshots are all done, but Fred, Richard or someone else has requested that some be redone. Along with the status category, it would be nice if the wiki also contained a summary of what's being redone etc.
  • Screenshot Status MR - Morgan Review - Screenshots ready to be or are in the process of being reviewed by Richard. Note I am using MR instead of RR since both Renee and Ricard start with R and that is potentially confusing.
  • Screenshot Status MA - Morgan Approved - The screenshots are done, and Richard is happy with them, and has incorporated them into the documentation. No more action for Renee (and Fred).

Task 1: Redo Corrupted Images

Richard sent along a document which contains a bunch of images with comments indicating which images needed to be redone. These images are being redone first because they are "bad" or "corrupted" in some way.

Renee has completed these images and they can be downloaded here:
Redone Corrupted Images Screenshot Status MR

Renee is going to redo all the screenshots that are using the old Lumina logo in the upper left hand corner of the windows as Task 2 (excluding graphs which will be done later).

You can download zip file for screenshot with new Lumina logo by chapter here:

Introduction Chapter - Screenshot Status NA - There are no screenshots containing the old logo in this chapter. However, there is at least one image that needs to be redone here since the help menu has changed in 4.0 from that in 3.1.

Chapter 1 - Screenshot Status MR

Chapter 2 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 3 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 4 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 5 - Screenshot Status NA There are no screenshots containing the old logo in this chapter.

Chapter 6 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 7 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 8 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 9 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 10 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 11 - Screenshot Status MR

[FWB] 11.156.1 and 11.156.2, the node title used to include a ($) as the units, but I think it is still ok as is. Approved by me.

Chapter 12 - Screenshot Status MR

[FWB] I could be picky and point out a lot of inconsistencies with the originals, but I am tired of the back and forth. Probably ok.

Chapter 13 - Screenshot Status MR

Chapter 14 - Screenshot Status MR

Chapter 15 - Screenshot Status MR

Chapter 16 - Screenshot Status MA

Chapter 17 - Screenshot Status MR

Chapter 18 - Screenshot Status MR

Chapter 19 - Screenshot N/A All screenshot were redone as part of Task 1.

Chapter 20 - Screenshot Status MR

Chapter 21 - Screenshot Status MR

Appendices - Screenshot Status MR

Analytica Windows and Dialogs (page 413) - Screenshot Status MR

UG Task 3 Redo Other Images

Many images will need to be redone because of changes to other Analytica IU in addition to the logo change. For instance if a menu has different items then its screenshot in the UG will need to be updated.

Unless instructed otherwise, after Renee has finished the screenshots which have the old Lumina logo, Fred and Renee will go thru the last version of the UG Richard sent us and attempt to identify which additional images need to be redone.

UG Task 4 Redo Graph Images

Since graphing has changed dramatically in 4.0, all the screenshots of graphs will need to be redone. Since this area is still in flux, we'll do it last.