Internal:Reorganizing the wiki

See Internal: Contents of Original Guides for Tutorial, User Guide, and Optimizer Guide chapters and sections in their original form (as of Jan 20 2016. Below is the outline with proposed reorgs.

Internal: Improvements to the Wiki

This page proposes changes to the organization of the wiki content recently imported from PDF documents designed to make it easier for users to find what they want. The main changes are:

  • Remove "noise" words from page titles, like "Using", "Creating", "Working with", or "Building". These were nice in the original docs, but interfere with search process here where the feature or concept name is key.
  • Where it says to move a section within or between chapters, required changes include:
    • Move it to the new place in every Contents list page, including the Documents contents, and Chapter contents as needed.
    • Adjust the next and previous links for this page and its old and new preceding and next pages.
  • Add higher level sections for the User Guide that group sections together

Internal: ACP Wiki reorg

Draft new home page

Analytica basics

Definitions and expressions

Interfaces for End Users

Arrays and Indexes

Uncertainty, probability, and statistics

  • Dynamic Simulation move up to section above on "Definitions and expression"
    • Decided not to move (MH/BB)

Advanced features

Analytica Tutorial

  • Add a redirect page to this from Tutorial
    • Done
  • About Analytica -> change page title to Introducing the Analytica Tutorial
    • The "How to use this document" section is kind of useless. The description of hierarchy is meaningless given this doc has only two levels (only one parent "Tutorial"). If the Previous/Next links need explanation, we need to improve the UI design, not try to explain them better. And finally the section "At the bottom of each page there is also a Navbox that will list all of the contents of the guide so any page in the guide will be accessible from any other page in the guide." was never implemented. Let's just delete this section entirely.

Replace this entire main page of the Analytica Tutorial by moving here the "Tutorial Overview" section from Introduction (which also includes links to each chapter).

    • Has not been renamed because it introduces Analytica, not just the Tutorial, Fixed otherwise? BB

Analytica User Guide

  • Add a redirect page to this from User Guide
    • Done, BB

Analytica basics

Introduction: About Analytica

Examining a Model

Result Tables and Graphs

Parametric analysis <contains no sections>

Create and edit a model

Building Effective Models

Creating Lucid Influence Diagrams

Formatting Numbers, Tables, and Graphs rename to "Number and table formats"

Add a new chapter Graphs split out from the above

Creating and Editing Definitions

Creating Interfaces for End Users

Using Expressions Rename to Expressions

Analytica includes a general computer language (like Visual Basic or C++). See Procedural Programming for more constructs, including Begin-End for Grouping Expressions, Local Variables, For and While Loops, Recursion, [[References and Data Structures] and Handles to Objects.

    • Done, BB

Arrays and Indexes

More Array Functions rename to "Array functions"

Other Functions Rename Text, Date, Math, and Financial Functions

Probability, uncertainty, and Monte Carlo simulation

Expressing Uncertainty Includes PDF, CDF with labels for common terms. Perhaps move this into first section.

Probability Distributions

Statistics, Sensitivity, and Uncertainty Analysis

Dynamic Simulation

Importing, Exporting, and OLE Linking Data -- rename to Integration with data and applications

  • Move to be sections of this chapter the indicated sections from the Enterprise chapter.
    • Done, BB

Working with Large Models

Building Functions and Libraries

Procedural Programming

Analytica Enterprise

Appendices rename to Reference sections

Analytica Optimizer Guide