Indexes dialog

Indexes dialog.png

This dialog appears when you first create an edit table, or when you change the dimensions of the table. The Indexes pane shows a list of indexes that you might want to add to your table. The right pane, Selected Indexes shows you the indexes already in your table. Move an index from the left to the right pane to add to the table, or from the right to the left pane to remove from the table.

The Preview page gives a preview of the index elements of the index clicked on.

When adding an index to an existing table, you can either duplicate the existing cell values along all items of that index, or add empty cells (using the table's Cell Default). Use the radio buttons at the bottom for this selection.

(New to Analytica 5.2)

  • When the Indexes list is long, start typing the name you want to find. As you type, it will jump to the entries that start with the prefix you've typed.
  • To see the index identifiers, instead of their titles, press Ctrl+Y

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