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New to ADE 5.0

An interface which contains the new ShowWindow() and CloseWindow() functions.

This interface is also called when sending older typescript "Open windowType obj" and "Close windowType obj" commands. E.g.: "Open Diagram ident", "Show Diagram ident", "Open Result ident", "Open Object ident", "Close Diagram ident"

This interface allows the use of these in a more general fashion, including cases where scripts appear in conditionals, in functions, etc. These typescript commands have been deprecated, and it is recommended to use the newer functions instead.

The "IAde" prefix stands for "Interface ADE". Your own code can define a class that subclasses this interface and implements its method, and then pass it to CAEngine::SetCallbackObject.

To use this, your program must implement a COM class with the ShowWindow() and CloseWindow() functions, As a COM class, it will implement the QueryInterface method from IUnknown, and its QueryInterface method must report that it implements this interface. You then instantiate an instance of the class and pass a pointer to that object to CAEngine::SetCallbackObject.

When your application does not implement this interface, the ShowWindow() and CloseWindow() functions will do nothing when evaluated in ADE, and the older script commands will still work the same as in ADE 4.6 and earlier.


void ShowWindow([in] string objIdent, [in] string objType)

Called when ShowWindow() is evaluated. Also called when the deprecated Typescript commands "Open windowType obj " "Show windowType obj" and "Edit obj" are sent.

void CloseWindow([In] string objIdent, [in] string objType)

Called when CloseWindow() is evaluated. Also called when the deprecated typescript command "Close windowType obj" is sent.


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