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long IAdeUICallbacks::ShowProgressBar([in] string title, [in] string text, [in] double p)

Called when the ShowProgressBar() function is evaluated. Implement this to display a progress bar to the user.

When this is called, you should make a progress bar visible if none is currently visible, set the progress indicator and text, and return immediately. Optionally, you can wait for the user to press OK when «p» is exactly 1.0. You code should leave the progress bar visible. This function will be repeatedly called to update the progress. When the computation is finally complete, the HideProgressBar() method will be called, at which point your code can hide the progress bar.


The «title» parameter specifies the caption that Analytica would display in the title bar of the progress bar dialog.

The «text» is the text that Analytica would display in the body of the progress bar dialog.

The «p» parameter is a fractional number between 0 and 1, indicating the percent complete that should be depicted on the progress bar.

Return value

The function should return True if the user has requested the computation to be cancelled, or False otherwise.


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