The GraphingRole index is used by the «roles» variable in OnGraphDraw and OnGraphClick.

Index GraphingRole

In OnGraphDraw, a variable named roles is provided that contains information about each graphing role. Roles is indexed by GraphingRole as well as by GraphFillerInfo. You can access information about the graphing dimension that fills a given graphing role using, for example,

roles[GraphingRole='X axis']

returns the information on the graphing dimension (either an index or value) used to fill the X-axis graphing role.

The graphing role names are as follows:

  • 'X axis'
  • 'Y axis'
  • 'Color'
  • 'Symbol'
  • 'Symbol size'
  • 'Stack': The index in a stacked chart
  • 'Cluster': The cluster index in a clustered bar chart
  • 'Origin': The bar origin in a bar chart with a variable origin.
  • 'Common': The first running (or "common") index, which is used in a line plot to connect points.

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