Examining Available Settings

The following function returns the set of control settings used for a problem.

OptInfo(opt, "Setting")

Replace opt with the name of the variable holding the result from DefineOptimization().

You can also access the range of allowed values for each setting, as well as the default value, using OptInfo() or OptEngineInfo(). OptInfo is used when you have a problem instance, OptEngineInfo is defined when you know the name of the engine but don’t have a problem instance.

The range (min/max) of possible values for each setting, and the default value, can be obtained using these — first case using an existing problem instance, second case using the engine name:

OptInfo(opt, ["MinSetting", "MaxSetting", "Defaults"])
OptEngineInfo("LP/Quadratic", ["MinSetting", "MaxSetting", "Defaults"])

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