Error Messages/40644

Error message examples

 In Function Invert, only one index is specified. Either both must be specified 
 (which is highly recommended), or the matrix must be 2-d and both indexes omitted.


You passed a matrix and only one of its indexes to a function that expects two indexes.

For a two-dimensional matrix, Matrix2d, you can call this function simply without passing in the indexes.


or passing in both the indexes (recommended)

Invert(Matrix2d, Index1, Index2)

For a matrix with more than 2 dimensions, Matrix3d, you need to explicitly pass the two indexes that you want the function to operate over.

Invert(Matrix3d, Index1, Index2)

Here, Matrix3d is indexed by Index1, Index2 and Index3. The function will array abstract over the Index3 dimension to calculate the inverse matrices indexed by Index3.


Pass in both the indexes you want the functions to operate over to solve this issue. You can choose not to pass in any of the indexes for a 2-D matrix.

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