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 In call to function Fix_reference, the first parameter, «ref», should be a reference or an array of references,
 but the array value passed for this value contains a non-reference at coordinate:
     Passed_array = 5.


You passed an array with a non reference to a functions that expects the parameter to be a reference or an array of references. Function parameters that have been qualified by the 'reference' qualifier expects a reference or an array of references and produces this error when a non reference is passed instead.

The following function expects the first parameter, «ref», to be a reference and throws this error when an array with a non reference is passed to the function.

Function Fix_reference(ref: reference: add: nonnegative)

To learn more about function parameter qualifier, please click here.


Correct the function call by passing a reference to an object.

You can create a reference to an Analytica object by using the \ operator. \Obj returns the reference to the object Obj.

The value pointed to a reference can be obtained by using the # operator. More on the Analytica reference operator and dereference operator is documented here

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