Error Messages/40636

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 In call to function Cube, the first parameter, «num», should be numeric,
 but the array passed to this parameter contains a non-numeric value at the following coordinate:
      DoCube = 'seventeen'


The function is expecting its parameter to be a number (scalar or array), but it is non-numeric -- e.g., text or Null. Function parameters that have been qualified by the 'numeric' qualifier expects a numeric value or an array of numeric values, and produces this error on passing a non numeric value.

The following function expects the first parameter, «x», to be a number and gives this error when an array with non-numeric values is passed to it.

Function Cube(x: numeric)

More about Function Parameter Qualifiers.


Correct the value in the array passed to the function at the specified coordinate to be numeric. For example, instead of



Cube(If IsNumber(x) THEN x ELSE 0)

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