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 The third parameter, L, passed to MdArrayToTable, is not a 1-D array of identifiers.

You may encounter a subtlety here. The expression provided for L is evaluated, so the value, rather than the index value, is used. If you have defined an index L as a list of identifiers, such as [I, J, K, "value"], you must use IndexValue(L) as the third parameter in order to use L's index value, rather than its evaluated value. Alternatively, if L is an index, you can set its MetaOnly attribute to 1.


The third parameter, L, passed to MdArrayToTable is a list of objects/handles, instead of being a list of identifiers.

Example. L is defined as [Index1, Index2, Index3, 'value'] instead of ['Index1', 'Index2', 'Index3', 'value'].


If L has been defined as a list of objects/handles (Eg. [I, J, K, 'value']), this issue can be fixed by following one of the steps below:

  1. The parameter to MdArrayToTable can be changed from L to IndexValue(L). This will pass on the index value instead of the value to the function.
  2. Change L to a list of identifier, which will convert the I, J and K to identifiers.

If L is an index, you can also set the MetaOnly attribute of the index to 1 to fix this issue.

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