Error Messages/40583

Error message examples

 The optimizer parameter name 'badparameter' is not found in the engine parameter collection. 
 Use SolverInfo("Settings", lp) to examine  possible parameters that may be set.


You have passed an unrecognized parameter to the «Parameter» parameter to an optimization function (E.g. LpDefine, QpDefine or NlpDefine).

You can use the SolverInfo function to display all the «Parameter» that can be tweaked for an engine and also the valid ranges for the parameters. The following code displays all the settings and the range for the Linear and Quadratic engines.

Solverinfo(item: ['Settingnames', 'Minsetting', 'Maxsetting'], engine: 'LP/Quadratic')]


Correct the parameter passed to the optimizer function to a valid parameter.

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