Error Messages/40561

Error text

The second parameter, «lp», was not specified to SolverInfo, but is required when Item: "lhs" is specified.


You've probably only supplied a single parameter SolverInfo -- the «Item» parameter. SolverInfo also needs to know which optimization formulation you are requesting information on, which you pass to it using the second parameter, «lp», such as in this example usage:

SolverInfo("lhs", myNlp)

The possible item values of "objcoef", "Q", "lhs", "lhsQ", "rhs", "constraintUb", "constraintLb", "sense", "lb", "ub", "ctype", "group", "maximize", "engine", "setting", "type", "vars" and "constraints" all require the second «lp» parameter. See SolverInfo for more info.


Change the function call by providing the missing «lp» (optimization problem) parameter.

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