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In SingularValueDecomp, index Index1 must be at least as long as index Index2.


The number of rows (indexed by the second parameter) for the matrix passed to SingularValueDecomp should be greater than or equal to the number of columns (indexed by the third parameter). The matrix you passed to the function had less number of rows than the number of columns.

The SingularValueDecomp(a, i, j, j2) function decomposes the passed matrix, «a», to matrices U.W.V.
Where, U is indexed by «i» and «j», W is a diagonal matrix indexed by «j» and «j2» and V is indexed by «j» and «j2», and Size(i) > Size(j) and Size(j) = Size(j2)

You could simply have switched the second and the third parameter to the function.


Correct the parameters passed to the SingularValueDecomp function so that the length of the second parameter (number of rows of the matrix) is at least as long as the length of the third parameter (number of columns of the matrix).

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