Error Messages/40398

Example warning message

The system cannot find the file specifiedwhen attempting to read the registry value 
HKCU/Software/Lumina Decision Systems/Analytica/UserName


This warning appeared when using

GetRegistryValue("HKCU", "Software/Lumina Decision Systems/Analytica", "UserName")

In this case the subfolder (also known as the hive) indicated by the second parameter exists, but there is no value there named "UserName".

The first line of the warning message is produced by Windows, and can include a multitude of possible problems. In this example, Windows refers to the value as "the file", even though a registry value seems like it is something different than a file.

If you encounter this warning with a different non-obvious error description, please contribute by editing this page and describing it further here. It may help someone else in the future.


Fix the value of the «subfolder» parameter (folder that contains the file with filename «name»), or the value of the «name» parameter (file name of the file in the folder «subfolder»).

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