Error Messages/40396

Example warning message

GetRegistryValue could not open the registry folder Software\Lumina\Analytica, 
for the following reason: The system cannot find the file specified.


This error was produced by the call:

GetRegistryValue("HKCU", "Software/Lumina/Analytica", "UserEmail")

«Subfolder», the second parameter to GetRegistryValue was faulty and should have been

GetRegistryValue("HKCU", "Software/Lumina Decision Systems/Analytica", "UserEmail")

The reason portion of the message is produced by Windows. It seems odd that it refers to a registry hive (i.e., subfolder) as a file in the error text, but that is what it is referring to.

There are other errors that might occur, including things like permission issues. If you encounter a cryptic error description, please edit this page and add it and describe what caused it. This may help others in the future.


Fix the «subfolder» parameter of GetRegistryValue to use the correct value.

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