Error Messages/40360

Warning message

Unrecognized part code 'day' to DatePart.  

The second parameter, «part», to DatePart, must be one of the following: 
'y', 'yy', 'M', 'MM', 'MMM', 'MMMM', 'EEE', 'EEEE', 'dd', 'ddd', 'dddd', 'Dddd', 'q', 'w', 'www', 
'wwww', 'wd', 'wd+', 'wd-', '#wd', '#wd-', '#wd+', '#d', '#w', #wm', 'e#w', or 'e#wm'.


You have an expression such as:

DatePart(the_date, 'day')

and the second parameter ('day' in this example) is not one of the recognized codes. See the page on DatePart for a listing of the possible codes.

'EEE' and 'EEEE'

The part codes 'EEE' and 'EEEE' are new to Analytica 5.0. This warning might occur if you are using a model from 5.0 or later in 4.6 or earlier and the model uses one of these part codes.

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