Error Messages/40325

Example error text

The value, 510, given in the second parameter to LpObjSa was not found in the index DecVars. 
The value should identify a linear program variable.


The second parameter to LpObjSa should only be specified when using structured optimization. If you are using Analytica Optimizer 4.2 or earlier, you should never specify the second parameter to LpObjSa. Likewise if your optimization problem was formulated using any of the functions LpDefine, QpDefine or NlpDefine. In any of those cases, remove the second parameter from your call to LpObjSa.

If you have used DefineOptimization to define a structured optimization problem, then this error occurs when the second parameter to LpObjSa is not one of your decision variables. The parameter passed must be the identifier of variable listed in the «decisions» parameter of DefineOptimization.

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