Error Messages/40280

Error Message Example(s)

In the call to function WhatIf, the second parameter, V, must identify a variable object.


A function (in the example message, WhatIf) was call that expects a variable identifier for one of the parameters. However, something other than a variable identifier was passed.

The following is an example that generates this error:

Var x := 0;
F(x)/WhatIf(F(x), x, 3)

In this case, the second parameter to WhatIf is a local variable, x, which does not qualify as a variable object (a variable object would need to be a variable that appears on an influence diagram). When a function parameter is declared as type Variable, it must be an actual variable object, not a local variable. (Note: A local variable can be used if it is a LocalAlias of an actual variable object, or a MetaVar that holds a handle to a global object).

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