Error Messages/40247

Error text

In call to function My_sum, the first parameter, X, should be ascending along J.


In call to function Find_val, the second parameter, Levels, should be descending along the implicit index.


You have called a function that requires the values in the array passed to the indicated parameter to be increasing along the given index, but they are not.

Suppose a function is declared as follows:

Function My_sum(X: ascending; I: Index)

Now suppose you have an array:

X :=
J ▶
1 2 3 4 5 6
15 18 25 24 30 45

If you were to evaluate:

My_sum(X, J)

This error would result since the values decrease from X[I = 3] to X[I = 4], i.e., from 25 to 24.

The "... along the implicit index" message appears when the dimension is the implicit or null dimension, not corresponding to any index object.

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